For information on eligibility criteria please refer to the State Government website.

The $55 discount will cover the cost of around 13.2 kilolitres (13,200 litres) of household water use for a two-week period for eligible households. This usage is approximately double the ordinary expected household usage during that period.

This discount amount is based on $4.16 per kilolitre which is considered a representative usage charge of reticulated town water for SEQ households. This amount includes the State Bulk Water Charge ($3.30 per kilolitre) and a representative Unitywater usage charge ($0.86 per kilolitre). 

The $55 discount will automatically be applied to eligible customers' water bills, from November onwards. 

Eligible households do not need to use the water to get the discount, they can continue to use water as they would normally do and still receive the discount.

Eligible households can either pocket the discount as a reward for doing their bit for water security or use the additional water to do things like washing driveways, gurneying houses and flushing out gutters, around the home.

No, the $55 discount can only be applied through your Unitywater water bill for an eligible SEQ household.

Yes, all eligible SEQ households will receive the $55 discount that is offered. You do not need to change your household’s current water use during this period to receive the discount. If you are an eligible SEQ household and your water bill is usually less than $55 for water usage charges you will still receive the $55 discount.

The Queensland Government in preparation for this summer’s declared La Nina, has decided to lower Wivenhoe Dam’s temporary full supply level to 80%. This will increase the temporary flood storage space in Wivenhoe Dam.

From 15 October 2022, minor gated releases will occur from Wivenhoe Dam for a fortnight. These will be controlled releases, made in accordance with the Flood Manual.

For more information on Wivenhoe dam levels and why the State Government is offering the discount please refer too the State Government website