Like Unitywater’s current mechanical water meters, a digital meter counts and displays the volume of water used on a property as the water flows through it.

However, unlike the mechanical meter, a digital meter will also transmit the meter reading data to Unitywater at regular intervals.

digital transmitter is a small device that attaches to an existing water meter. It counts a pulse as water is used and transmits the reading data at regular intervals.

While our current water meters are read four times a year, a digital device can transmit its reading every day. The extra data allows the account holder and Unitywater to gain a more detailed understanding of water usage and to notice any unusual patterns.

This is particularly useful in helping to detect concealed leaks that may be underground or hidden in walls or other parts of the property.

Our trial of digital metering technology invited account holders within the trial area to opt in to receive SMS alerts of unusual water usage patterns that may indicate a leak. 

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This diagram explains how the digital meter technology worked.

 Digital Water Meter trial

Digital Meter timeline

Feb 2017
Announcement of trial

Unitywater announces the digital meter trial. 

Account holders and property occupants receive letters about the trial and are invited opt in to receive water usage SMS alerts during the trial period.
Mar 2018
Digital data captured
Unitywater will receive digital water usage data and will share it with customers who have opted in to receive SMS alerts.
Jun   2019
Unitywater will evaluate the technology and determine if we will adopt it on a permanent basis.
April 2020
Completion of trial

Unitywater have evaluated the trial and have decided not to continue with the digital meter technology and online dashboard.

We will continue to look at other digital metering technologies into the future.