The decision process

A connection application (including applications to amend consents and applications for review and appeal of decision), can be decided in three different ways:

  • staff-delegated authority

  • internal review decision

  • QLD Planning and Environment Court or Building and Development Dispute Resolution committees.

Unitywater’s Chief Executive Officer has delegated authority to particular Unitywater staff members to determine connection applications. The delegations are designed to provide an efficient and effective service to our customers, thereby minimising overall processing times. 

 The assessment process

Your application is checked to make sure it has been completed properly. If not, we send a letter advising you of what you need to do. Your application is placed on hold until the information is received.

Once the application is received, we send you an acknowledgement letter that includes contact details for the Development Services Officer processing your application.

We may need to seek advice from other entities (e.g. Council) to avoid potential conflicts between approvals, particularly in relation to conditions.

During the assessment period, our officers may inspect the development site, liaise with applicants and Council and consider amendments to the design. We then complete a report with a recommendation to either:

  • approve the connection application (with conditions)
  • refuse the connection application (with reasons).

The key issues that need to be reviewed by Unitywater when assessing a connection are set out in the Connections Policy (PDF 420KB).