Through our Community Sponsorship Program, we are proud to support charities, community groups and programs that align with our purpose of keeping communities healthy. 

Our sponsorship program provides funding of up to $10,000 (for each initiative) for projects and programs that help to make our communities a better place to live and work.  Sponsorships fall within four categories: Environmental (Single Use Plastic Prevention), Disadvantaged and Vulnerable Children, Domestic Violence and Homelessness.

Unitywater is proudly supporting 16 community initiatives through the 2019 Community Sponsorship program, see below to find out more.

Funding applications for 2019 have now closed. 

2020 Program dates:

Applications open:  July 2019

Funding notification: October 2019

Funding: January 2020

Implementation: January 2020 - December 2020

Funding amount: Up to $10,000 per initiative 


Sponsorship Opportunities Environment (Single Use Plastic Prevention)

Through this category of our sponsorship program, we are proud to support initiatives that deliver environmental improvements and education with a particular focus on waterway health and single use plastic prevention.

The 2019 Sponsorships in this category are:

  • Protect us from Plastics Campaign, Peregian Beach Community College

    A school-based, educational and hands-on action program which will reduce the Peregian Beach Community College ecological footprint. Our sponsorship will help fund the program.


  • Beach Clean-ups, Surfrider Foundation Sunshine Coast

    Surfrider is an organisation dedicated to the protection and enhancement of local beaches and waters to enable a safe haven for visiting whales, turtles and all marine and human life. Our sponsorship will cover the cost of a new trailer to transport items to and from beach clean-ups.


  • Paddle Against Plastic, Ocean Crusaders

    Ocean Crusaders aim to educate people on the impact of single use plastic, so it doesn’t end up in the ocean where it causes major threats to wildlife. Our sponsorship will fund three Paddle Against Plastic community events, in Sunshine Coast, Noosa and Moreton Bay.


  • Catchment Education Tours, ECOllaboration

    ECOllaboration provides the tools and community support to build a lifelong learning commitment to sustainable living and participation in natural resource management.  Our sponsorship will fund 12 school field trips for Geography and Science students to improve understanding of the responsibilities of Unitywater in urban water management as well as how to become involved in caring for their catchments.


  • Monitoring the health of the Pandanus Populations, Bunya Bunya Country Aboriginal Corporation

    Bunya Bunya’s aim is to monitor the health of the Pandanus populations in dunal and other conservation areas from Noosa to Caloundra.  Our sponsorship will fund community workshops, basic dieback mitigation activities and direct seeding of Pandanus which is culturally significant to Aboriginal people.


Sponsorship Opportunities


Sponsorship Opportunities


Sponsorship Opportunities Disadvantaged and Vulnerable Children

Through this category we are proud to support initiatives that improve the life chances and opportunities of children, young people and families by inspiring them and giving them options to engage positively in the community.

The 2019 Sponsorships in this category are:

  • Youth Education Program, The Good Choice Project

    This education program is aimed at youth to provide insights on drugs, alcohol, gambling, health and fitness, social media, respectful relationships and mental health.  Our sponsorship will contribute towards mobile catering equipment to bring young people together to assist in making better choices for their future.


  • Comfort Quilts, Butterfly Quilters

    This is a group of 7 community volunteers that meet every Monday to make quilts for domestic violence victims and their families, and for children in foster care with reading difficulties.  Our sponsorship will pay for the materials needed to make the quilts.


  • Solar Support, Moodlu Men’s Shed Inc.

    The shed works with disadvantaged youth to provide solid role models in their lives.  Currently the shed has no electricity which limits the work they can do. Our sponsorship will fund basic solar panels which will make a significant difference to the shed and its existing and future members. The electricity will allow them to run monthly life skills lessons for youth.


  • Pyjama Angels Mentor Training, The Pyjama Foundation

    The aim of the foundation is to change the life outcomes of children in foster care with education to empower their lives with learning, life skills and confidence to change the direction of their life. Our sponsorship will fund training for 75 new Pyjama Angels to act as individual role models for the children. 


  • Dinners & Winter Warmth, Hope Within Reach

Hope within Reach provides dinners for homeless people, it runs a Christmas to your door campaign each year and holds eight winter warmth events in the Moreton Bay Region. The winter warmth events give away blankets, swags, hats and food to over 1,200 vulnerable families each year.  Our sponsorship will help support this year’s annual Winter Warmth in Caboolture.


Sponsorship Opportunities Domestic Violence

Through this category we are proud to support initiatives that support the recovery of people who have experienced or witnessed domestic or family violence.

The 2019 Sponsorships in this category are:

  • Trauma Therapies, The Blue Butterfly Foundation for Trauma and Abuse

    The foundation enables therapy and psychological services for people recovering from domestic or family violence, trauma or abuse.  Our sponsorship will fund two eight-week courses delivered by a psychologist and 70 subsidised therapy sessions.


  • Standing Up and Speak Up, Sunshine Coast White Ribbon Committee

    White Ribbon is a not-for-profit organisation that engages with communities to stand up and speak up to be part of the social change needed to prevent domestic violence.  Our sponsorship will fund the filming of 15 published short films where sporting members/clubs and community leaders take the simple White Ribbon Oath and share key messages to increase the awareness of domestic violence prevention.


  • Psychology Treatment for Children, Sunshine Coast Family Contact Centre

    The Contact Centre (operating as Harmony House) is a not-for-profit organisation that ensures the smooth changeover of children between separated parents and appropriate contact visits between children and their non-residential parent/guardian. Our sponsorship will support children aged 5 to 12 years affected by family separation with the provision of psychology sessions. It will help to address behavioural issues and complex trauma, particularly in cases where domestic and family violence has occurred.


Sponsorship Opportunities Homelessness

Through this category we are proud to support initiatives that help homeless people or people at risk of homelessness in our community.  

The 2019 Sponsorships in this category are:

  • Increasing their Reach, Maroochy Neighbourhood Centre

    The Maroochy Neighbourhood Centre runs free community dinners for homeless and vulnerable people in the community twice a week.  Our sponsorship will pay for some necessary resources to help deliver this initiative.


  • Supporting Vulnerable Communities, Coast2Bay Housing Group

    Coast2Bay Housing Group is an independent, not-for-profit company committed to providing affordable, safe and appropriate homes to individuals and families. Our sponsorship will fund the Coast2Bay Healthy Neighbourhood program which addresses health concerns of social and community housing tenants and their supporting communities. The program will offer activities to support and promote health including community gardens, a learning kitchen, disease prevention support, dental fair and mental health capacity building.


  • Primed to Shine, HairAid

    HairAid was founded in 2013 as a not-for-profit organisation. It provides personal grooming for people who have experienced unemployment, homelessness or domestic and family violence.  Our sponsorship will fund the training and set up of the ‘Primed to Shine’ program across the Sunshine Coast region for people that are moving from homelessness to seeking work and re-establishing themselves within the community.   

Unitywater can consider sponsoring organisations or initiatives that:

  • are not-for-profit or support a charitable cause or community project
  • are based within Noosa, Sunshine Coast and Moreton Bay local government area
  • align with our community focus, company values and core business
  • provide a measurable benefit to our customers and communities
  • demonstrate community involvement, particularly those that engage multiple community groups and organisations
  • generate visibility for Unitywater within the community ie: publicity, branding and promotion.

Unitywater cannot consider sponsorship of:

  • a single individual
  • initiatives that operate for a commercial profit 
  • initiatives or entities that conflict with Unitywater’s values and brand
  • initiatives or entities that promote alcohol, drugs, gambling, violence or discrimination against race, age, gender or religion
  • initiatives or entities that risk conflict of interest
  • initiatives that support a single religious, sporting or political group
  • initiatives run solely for fundraising purposes without broader community benefit.

We have some key criteria in place to help us select which projects, programs or events to sponsor.

Here are our guiding principles.

  1. Strategic 
    We support initiatives that enable community organisations to help us achieve our purpose: Keeping communities healthy.

  2. Aligned with our community focus 
    The initiatives we support are clearly aligned with the goals and issues relevant to our business – environmental (single use plastic prevention), disadvantaged and vulnerable children, domestic violence and homelessness.   

  3. Collaborative 
    We foster long-term partnerships with mutual benefits and deliverables clearly articulated. The initiatives will engage multiple stakeholder groups and deliver outcomes that benefit a broad section of the community. 

  4. Measurable
    Specific targets are set, clearly understood by both Unitywater and the recipient, reported and measured.

  5. Transparent
    We work with our stakeholders and community to engage appropriate recipients for each priority area. We communicate the rationale and outcomes of the program to the community.

Applications will be assessed by a Unitywater panel against the following criteria:

  • applicant’s eligibility

  • applicant’s ability to meet category objectives 

  • level of community benefit and reach 

  • alignment with our community focus, company values and core business

  • applicant’s ability to deliver a safe, successful project in full and within budget  

  • level of exposure for Unitywater as a sponsor within the community

  • demonstrated support from community stakeholders (eg: letters of support).

Sponsorship recipients are required to report on the progress of the funded activities six months after implementation and complete an online evaluation report within 30 days of project completion.  

The interim report outlines: 

  • how your sponsored initiative is tracking

  • what opportunities exist for collaboration with Unitywater 

  • what media opportunities exist. 

Note: we will also be looking for images or other artefacts to demonstrate the project or initiative within the community. 

The online evaluation report outlines: 

  • project funding, what it meant to you

  • project activities and outcomes

  • project resources, how these were used

  • the benefits to our customers 

  • how Unitywater was represented 

Note: we will also be looking for images or other artefacts to demonstrate the project or initiative within the community. 

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