Our Executive Manager of People, Culture and Safety, Kenan Hibberd, said the Bright Future and the Engineering Scholarships, made good business sense for Unitywater.

“Providing some financial support for young people to achieve their academic best is one way we as a local business can encourage students and empower them to succeed no matter what their socio-economic, cultural, geographic or personal circumstances are,” he said.

“It was wonderful to attend the recent Celebration of Philanthropy at USC to learn how our contribution is making a difference.”

Recipient of the Bright Future Scholarship Ben Must said he felt incredibly thankful and privileged to be chosen as a scholarship recipient.

“Receiving this incredibly generous bursary will go a long way to keeping me focused on my academic goals by relieving some of the stresses associated with the financial hardships of full-time study,” Ben said.

Ben is currently studying a Bachelor of Information and Communications Technology. He progressed through his first year with the intentions of focussing his studies towards networking, security and artificial intelligence.

“Being a mature age student with children, the decision to take the time out of the workforce to attend university full-time was not an easy one. This scholarship is truly life-changing,” Ben said.

Photo (L-R): Unitywater Executive Manager of People, Culture and Safety Kenan Hibberd with University of the Sunshine Coast student recipients of the two Unitywater-sponsored scholarships, Denise Schiemann and Ben Must, and Unitywater’s Manager of Organisational Development Cassii Rusk.