The picturesque mural, installed by Unitywater in 2016, features local marine life, including whales and turtles, and the native Richmond Birdwing Butterfly. It is being refreshed after five years of weathering the conditions of salt spray, sun exposure and high winds.

Unitywater Executive Manager for Customer and Community Katherine Gee said it was an exciting opportunity for the community to have their say about the future of the 17-metre-high landmark that can be seen from land, sea and air.  

“We want to hear the community’s ideas for the artwork’s renewal, which may include keeping the original artwork, designing a new artwork or installing public art, like sculptures, around the water reservoir,” Ms Gee said.

Preliminary works will begin this week to remove the current artwork, including installing scaffolding around the water reservoir. The renewal is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

Unitywater’s community artwork program transforms reservoirs, water towers and pump stations across Moreton Bay, Sunshine Coast and Noosa with beautiful designs that reflect and enhance the local environment.

“Our community artwork trail has been created to inspire visitors and locals to enjoy these free and accessible artworks, each a cherished part of the community,” Ms Gee said

“We work with artists to bring beautiful designs to life that enhance our assets to reflect their local environment and help prevent graffiti.

“It’s now time to focus on maintaining and updating our existing artworks for future generations to come.

“Our artwork renewal program will ensure that existing works are respected, and that the community has a say in their future.”

Unitywater’s latest artwork on the Beachmere Water Tower in the Moreton Bay Region was completed this month (May 2021) and has been embraced by the local community. 

The Community Artwork Program is designed to prevent graffiti and enhance the appearance of Unitywater assets.

“It can cost up to $5,500 to remove graffiti and our Community Artwork Program is aimed at deterring offenders who often choose not to deface established artwork,” Ms Gee said.

The community can have their say on the renewal by visiting