Unitywater is openly sharing a case study with other utilities showing how the Go2Asset management system transformed a manual, paper-based process of allocating permits to work on water and sewer networks into an efficient, online process that saves time, money and resources.

In line with its focus on innovation and an ongoing drive for operational excellence, Unitywater implemented the Go2Asset Permit-to-Work digital platform in 2017.

Since then, more than 4500 permits to manage water and sewer access have been issued at any time of day or night, from any location or device. Unitywater has such confidence in the platform that it now classifies it as “critical infrastructure”.

“We have found Go2Asset to be very successful and have seen a great improvement in accuracy and visibility of our network, as well as realising significant cost savings across the business,” Unitywater Corporate Development Manager Ray Aspey said.

“The platform delivers a secure and reliable single source of truth that our Network Operations team can rely on.

“External contractors manage their own permits online, which reduces the administration time previously spent manually processing these permits. We can now schedule work without delay, eliminating conflicts and reducing downtime.

“It has significantly improved the way we work.”

Go2Asset Managing Director Stephen Kelly said: “We have a strong partnership with Unitywater that has enabled them to innovate, improve processes and achieve operational excellence by using Go2Asset.

“Like many of our clients, Unitywater values having access to a fully-customised, secure platform that helps them work smarter and faster. We are pleased to have provided such a valuable solution.”

Anyone interested in learning more about the Go2Asset implementation at Unitywater can contact Stephen Kelly from Go2Asset on +61 413 969 969 or Stephen.kelly@go2asset.com

For a copy of the case study, click here.

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