Unitywater marked World Toilet Day (19 November) with the launch of a new children’s book that teaches us what should and shouldn’t be flushed down the loo. 

Unitywater Water Industry Worker and now author, Andrew Hanifin, was inspired to write Harold the Hungry Toilet, aimed at young children and their parents, during the initial COVID-19 toilet paper shortage.

“I’ve had the book in the ‘pipeline’ for a while, but the COVID-19 toilet paper shortage and resulting increase in blockages in our sewerage network caused by things like wet wipes, was a real push to publish it,” Andrew said.

In the book, created in collaboration with Unitywater and illustrated by Sunshine Coast artist Kirstin Gail, Harold teaches a young kid named Billy how to flush responsibly, by only putting the three Ps down the loo – pee, poo and (toilet) paper.

Andrew said he hoped the book would encourage both parents and their kids to love their loo.

“I’ve had a great time and a few giggles, reading Harold the Hungry Toilet to my kids and their friends,” Mr Hanifin said.

“Story time is not only a wonderful opportunity to bond with kids, but also to sneak in some learning too. 

“We find all sorts of things blocking pipes and turning up in our sewage treatment plants, from toys and false teeth, to more common things like wet wipes, which are a serious cause of blockages and overflows that are smelly and unpleasant. 

“Hopefully the book will help kids and their parents form lifelong habits that help them also avoid nasty blockages in their own home and the expensive plumbing bills that can sometimes go along with that. I’m ‘flush’ with excitement and hope everyone enjoys it.”

Limited free copies of Harold the Hungry Toilet are available for collection at Unitywater offices in Maroochydore and Caboolture. Please email requests for a copy to community@unitywater.com

The book will also be available at a number of public libraries across the region, as part of Unitywater’s ongoing commitment to keeping communities healthy through education.  

Download a copy of Harold the Hungry Toilet.