Our priority is delivering reliable water and sewerage services to our customers and ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our people.

Our operations

Unitywater would like to assure our community that water and sewerage services are unaffected by COVID-19.

The water supply remains safe and meets strict Australian Drinking Water Guidelines. There is no evidence that COVID-19 can be transmitted via water or wastewater systems.

Our teams are currently working as usual, and are responding to issues in our network 24/7 to ensure continuous water and sewerage services for our customers.

Our business

Unitywater has established a team dedicated to responding to the evolving COVID-19 pandemic and is ensuring we are well prepared to continue delivering our essential services to the community.

As part of our business continuity plan we’ve implemented measures to minimise risks to our people and to manage staffing levels to keep our networks running.

We are liaising with key government agencies on a daily basis to monitor and understand the health impact of COVID-19 as it develops. 

Our customers

We encourage everyone to follow the advice of Queensland Health and undertake regular hand washing and sanitising, as well as following social distance guidelines.

We would like to remind everyone that if they’re using alternatives to toilet paper, to put these in the bin. Wet wipes, tissues, newspaper and paper towel can cause blockages and sewage overflows in homes and businesses if they’re flushed.