Unitywater hosted an official community opening of the wetland, bird hide and trail walk on Tuesday (25 August).

Chairman Jim Soorley was thrilled to share the “environmentally important” site with the community.

“Our Yandina Creek Wetland forms part of the Blue Heart, an area of more than 5000 hectares of natural floodplain in the Maroochy River catchment, that we’re working to protect now and into the future,” he said.

“We are in a unique position to explore blue carbon opportunities – where carbon is captured and stored in plants in the wetland – to help reduce the impact of greenhouse gases. The blue carbon stored by the wetland could potentially help offset carbon produce through our other projects and business operations.

“This beautiful facility is the beginning of an environmental hub in this region and we’re really proud that our community can come and immerse themselves in nature.”

Sunshine Coast Council Mayor Mark Jamieson said the wetland and trail really showcased the close Blue Heart partnership in action that underpins the commitment to the Blue Heart Sunshine Coast. 

“The activation of Yandina Creek Wetland is a significant milestone in providing sustainable recreation opportunities within the Blue Heart that can be experienced by our entire community and visitors to the Sunshine Coast,” Mayor Jamieson said. 

“Blue Heart Sunshine Coast is an innovative, long-term project that will provide a variety of environmental, social and economic benefits to our community as we seek to protect this critically important area of the Maroochy River catchment so that it can fulfil its intended purpose.”

“Our vision and that of our partners is to make the Blue Heart an area of regional and national significance, while also providing future adaptation and resilience outcomes for our region.”

“In addition to the extensive recreational opportunities that the Blue Heart will be able to provide, we want to work with landowners and the Queensland Government to collectively establish Queensland’s leading carbon farming initiative within the Maroochy River floodplain”.

The wetland trail walk is located at 362-328 River Road, Maroochy River.

For more information please visit  the Yandina Creek Wetland webpage or for information about Blue Heart Sunshine Coast visit council’s website

Image: Sunshine Coast Mayor Mark Jamieson, Unitywater Executive Manager Sustainable Infrastructure Solutions Amanda Creevey and Unitywater Chairman Jim Soorley.