Important update for customers

Allianz Global Assistance has recently announced that their Concealed Leak Protection Insurance products are no longer available for purchase. 

Unitywater understands the value in helping our customers protect themselves against concealed water leaks and are continuing to seek other opportunities and options for the future.

Existing policies

For customers who are current concealed leak insurance policy holders, please be assured that you will continue to have cover by Allianz Global Assistance up to the expiry listed on your certificate of insurance.

As at 18 December 2018, policies cannot be purchased with Allianz Global Assistance. If you have an existing policy and have any questions, please contact Unitywater on 1300 086 489.

Concealed Leak Allowance

Customers may still be eligible to claim a Concealed Leak Allowance from Unitywater. This is a once-off per property allowance and provides relief for half of the excess water usage costs incurred because of a concealed leak.  The allowance does not cover plumber’s costs.   

We strongly recommend that you check for concealed water leaks by regularly reading your water meter and following our simple step-by-step process.