Dayboro is not connected to the SEQ Water Grid and relies on its own water supply from bores in the North Pine River.

The river stopped running in September 2019 due to lack of rainfall. Despite some rain, the water supply remains lower than normal and the North Pine River is still not running. The community has responded to our requests to limit water use and we have seen a drop in water usage.

We thank the community for their efforts to help avoid water restrictions in this area.


There are currently no formal restrictions in place, however we need everyone to save water and reduce their water consumption to avoid restrictions in the future.

If water use increases, restrictions may be implemented. Unitywater and Seqwater are closely monitoring the water supply.

Please limit watering where possible and if you need to water your garden, consider more efficient ways to do this. For example, put a bucket in your shower while the water heats up and use this on your garden and ensure it is during cooler parts of the day to minimise evaporation.

No. Unitywater and Seqwater are working together to ensure a continuous and reliable water supply for the community but we need your help to save water and avoid restrictions.

Please limit all non-essential water use until further notice. Unitywater and Seqwater will continue to monitor the water supply and will inform the community when it returns to normal.

Despite some rain, the river is still not running. Unitywater and Seqwater will continue to monitor the water supply and we will advise the community if normal water habits can resume.

There are no formal water restrictions in place but we’re encouraging everyone to limit non-essential water use where possible.