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Individuals (e.g. sole traders) and companies (e.g. consulting engineers, civil construction contractors, project managers, registered surveyors and town planners) can apply for accreditation to become an ‘Accredited Entity’ and/or Registered Certifier.

It is anticipated that applicants will have a level of knowledge or practical experience with land development and the processes for connection to water supply and sewerage networks in South East Queensland.

Find full eligibility requirements in the Accreditation and Certification Manual (PDF 1MB)

The Accreditation and Certification process includes things such as:

  • assessments and approval of applications

  • training

  • accreditation deed

  • registration deed poll

  • insurances

  • quality systems.

Read more about how to become accredited

The processes are also described in detail in the Accreditation and Certification Manual.

Download the Accreditation and Certification Manual (PDF 1MB)

There are no accreditation application fees and no charge for training provided by Unitywater.

View all Accredited Entities and Registered Certifiers on the Accreditation Register.  

We welcome feedback from the development industry and stakeholders on how to improve our Accreditation and Certification system and our processes.

If you would like to provide feedback, please email

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Check the Accreditation and Certification Manual (PDF 1MB) or request some assistance.