If you’re experiencing a toilet or sewage overflow on your property right now, please call a licensed plumber immediately.

For more information, go to toilet and sewer problems

Or read below to learn some simple things you can do inside and outside your home to prevent problems occurring in the future. 

During storms, cyclones and heavy wet weather, our sewer network can be overloaded with large volumes of stormwater. This can cause sewage overflows and these can happen on your property.  

What is Unitywater doing to help?

Our team is inspecting our sewerage infrastructure and your outdoor connections in certain areas during our sewer network testing. During this testing, we'll be using a machine to blow non-toxic smoke into the sewer pipes to identify infrastructure defects (this is known as smoke testing). Check the list of suburbs we are currently working in.

Here's what you can do to help minimise sewage overflows:

Find out why your stormwater and sewerage plumbing should never mix. Watch the teacup video!