Preparing a Connection Application?

All eligible connection applications will need to be prepared and submitted to us by a Registered Certifier.

A Registered Certifier helps make the approvals process easier by preparing, assessing and submitting your applications for Unitywater's approval.

Our Accreditation Register helps you find the right Registered Certifier to assist with your application. We will then assess the Certification Packages and issue Decision Notices.

We only accept connection applications prepared by a Registered Certifier.

Please note: if you are seeking connection of a single dwelling then you will need a standard connection

Application processing times

With the volume of development underway in our region, we’re currently processing a large number of applications and appreciate your patience as we work through these.

We process incoming development applications by type and in the order they are received. Some applications take longer than others, depending on complexity and completeness.

Indicative processing times are detailed below and are updated at the end of each month.

Connection application type

Current processing time

Service Advice Notice (SAN)

4-6 weeks

A&C Connection Application/Amendments

4-6 weeks

Non-A&C Connection/Network Works

8-10 weeks

Construction application type

Current processing time


2-3 weeks

Provisional Certificate of Completion (PCoC)

3-4 weeks

On Maintenance

3-5 weeks 

Certification of Completion (CoC)

2-3 weeks

Off Maintenance

7-9 weeks

Off Maintenance Certificate

2-3 weeks

*Last reviewed 31 January 2024

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