What is a Connection Approval?

A connection approval is an authority given by Unitywater for developers to make a connection, disconnection or alteration to our water and/or sewerage network.

We class a development as any activity that requires new, additional or upgraded connections to our infrastructure. This includes new projects such as land subdivisions, residential homes or units, and commercial or industrial builds, as well as extensions or upgrades to existing properties or premises.

Please note: if you are seeking connection of a single dwelling, visit connecting a new house

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Steps for connection approval

 Step 1
Developer selects a Registered Certifier from the Accreditation Register on the Unitywater website
Step 2
Developer's design engineer prepares connection applications

This is ideally done in consultation with a Registered Certifier

Step 3
Design engineer provides application to Registered Certifier for assessment
Step 4
Registered Certifier prepares Certification Package for Unitywater
Step 5
Unitywater audits the package and issues approvals

Previously, Unitywater assessed all applications to connect to our network. We’ve now accredited a large pool of Registered Certifiers who can prepare, assess and submit your application to us. This gives you greater choice, reduces bottlenecks and speeds up the approvals process.

Both Accredited Entities (a business or sole trader) and Registered Certifiers (individuals) have been trained, registered and accredited by Unitywater to assess connection applications and certify that engineering designs and constructed assets are compliant with the relevant connections approval requirements and prescribed standards. Registered Certifiers work under an Accredited Entity, who oversees their work and is responsible for ensuring they have the necessary support and systems to do their job effectively.

If certain criteria in the Certification Package have not been met, we provide written advice to your certifier on what needs to be rectified. Once they have resubmitted the package and it’s up to standard, we’ll issue you with a Decision Notice as soon as possible.

We levy a fee to audit your Certification Package, which is payable on submission. Fees are also payable to establish the live network connection for your constructed works.

Infrastructure charges apply if your development places additional demand on our trunk infrastructure. These are detailed in our Infrastructure Charges Schedule.

Visit the Pricing, fees and charges page for more information.

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