Hammering noise caused by:

  • pressure fluctuations caused by turning your taps off quickly
  • the jumper valve in your tap is sticking.

 Woman getting a glass of from kitchen tap

Here's what to do:

  • Please contact your local licensed plumber (if no works have been carried out in your area).

Female customer talking on mobile phone

Hammering noise caused by:

  •  air in pipes, especially after maintenance work. 
We carry out regular maintenance to the water network throughout our regions and this work can cause air to remain in the pipes. As a result you may experience a hammering sound or your water tap may gurgle and spit. 


To find out if you have air in your pipes:

  1. Fill a glass with tap water.

  2. If the water in the glass looks milky, leave it for a few minutes.

  3. If the milky water clears from the bottom upwards, this indicates that water is full to tiny bubbles caused by air in your pipes.

 Woman holding glass of bubbly water running out of kitchen tap

Here's what to do after the work has been completed:

  1. Run water from the outside tap that is closest to your water meter. This will expel air in the pipes.

  2. Turn on your taps slowly, one at a time, to allow for any trapped air to escape.

  3. Leave the taps running until any milkiness or discolouration clears.

Helpful tips:

  • Don't do any washing or use your dishwasher or washing machine until the discolouration clears.
  • Make sure your water is completely clear before using any hot water, as dirty water can affect your hot water system.
  • Running a tap for 5 minutes to clear your water uses on average 75 litres of water, which costs about 30 cents. 
  • Prevent wasting water by catching it in a bucket to use on your plants or garden.