Get ConnectedPlanning to connect to our network?

All eligible connection applications will need to be prepared and submitted to us by a Registered Certifier. 

Registered Certifiers are industry professionals who have been trained by Unitywater to help make the process of applying to connect to our water and sewerage network easier for you. They will prepare, assess and submit your application for Unitywater's approval. 

Our Accreditation Register helps you find the right Registered Certifier to assist with your application. We will then assess the Certification Packages and issue Decision Notices. For information on timeframes please contact our development services team at with your property address and lodgement details, including date and name. 

We only accept connection applications prepared by a Registered Certifier.

Please note: if you are seeking connection of a single dwelling then you will need a standard connection

  • Use a Minor Connection Certifier

A small subdivision is where you are subdividing a parcel of land into few lots that will be released at the same time.

This involves adding additional connection points to our water and sewer network and may also require minor upgrades (private works) to existing infrastructure so that services are available to each new lot. 

We need to approve your subdivision plan before issuing approvals.

  • Use a Major Connection Certifier
  • Plus a Construction Certifier if network works are required.

A large subdivision is where you are subdividing a large parcel of land into multiple lots that will be released at different times, such as multi-stage developments or master planned communities.

This typically involves extending and upgrading existing Unitywater infrastructure, and may also require new or upgraded mains.

We need to approve your subdivision plan and the engineering plans for the construction of each stage.

Typically, a Major Connection Certifier and a Construction Certifier work together to assist you with this type of application.

  • Use a Minor or Major Connection Certifier 

Industrial developments include property used for manufacturing and/or storing of goods - such as factories, garages and warehouses.

Commercial developments involve non-industrial premises used solely for business purposes, including retail stores, shopping centres, offices and hotels.

For these types of applications you will be asked to provide information regarding any high-risk activities that may require backflow prevention devices, containment protection, pre-treatment devices or a trade waste meter. 

  • Assists with small developments such as units, townhouses and commercial developments that don’t require construction of new Unitywater water and sewerage assets
  • Can prepare Certification Packages and Certificates of Completion
  • Can’t certify connection applications for development projects that involve construction of network works.

  • Assists with large developments, such as subdivisions, that involve construction of new water and sewerage infrastructure
  • Can prepare Certification Packages, Certificates of Completion and On-Maintenance requests
  • Helps with all stages of the approvals process, from connection applications through to network construction and finalising the development.

  • Works with a Major Connection Certifier to oversee construction of new Unitywater water and sewerage assets
  • Can help with pre-starts, connection to live network (On-Maintenance), final handover (Off-Maintenance), and Certificates of Completion.

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The assessment and approval process

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