If you're experiencing a water supply problem on your property right now, please check our water outages map for any works in your area or find out more about water supply problems.

Or here are some simple things you can do to help stop water supply problems in the future:

Plumber and lady looking at water meter

More ways to stop problems

Going on holidays? Before you leave, it’s a good idea to do the following:

  • Make sure all taps are properly turned off.
  • Clear leaf litter from downpipes and gutters.
  • Check your downpipe is correctly connected to stormwater not the sewer.

Turn off the stop tap at the water meter (by turning it clockwise) to stop the water supply to your property (and don’t forget to turn it on when you get back). Make sure this won’t damage any appliances that are reliant on water while you’re away.

Image of water meter show how to turn stop tap on and off
If you have an ongoing problem with high water pressure, you may want to consider paying a plumber to install a pressure reducing device.

These devices reduce and stabilise pressure from the mains supply. Unitywater helps to minimise high-pressure problems through its ongoing Leakage reduction program, which also checks pressure in the network.

How old is the pipe between your house and the water meter? Do you have old pipes that have deteriorated over time due to age, sun exposure or corrosion? Now is a good time to check.

Why is this important?

Unitywater routinely replaces water meters when they are nearing the end of their life cycle. These replacements are preventative maintenance, to ensure the water meter on your property is accurate and in full working order. If we need to replace a water meter on your property, we will try to connect the new water meter to your existing pipes. However, if you have galvanised iron pipes that have corroded, it may not be possible to do so.

In this case, we will run an above-ground polyethylene pipe from the new meter to your building (installation funded by Unitywater). This is only a temporary service and it is the property owner’s responsibility to have a permanent service installed and to fund any associated costs. Under the Plumbing and Drainage Act 2002, plumbing and drainage works around your property must be carried out by a licensed plumber.

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