Our maintenance and renewal programs include:

Gushing water leak leak on footpath and public road

Leakage reduction

We conduct an ongoing leakage reduction program to minimise water lost through leaks. 
New water meter in meter box

Meter replacement 

We have a proactive replacement program for water meters nearing the end of their useful life.
Unitywater field crew

Cleaning water mains

We use a range of technologies to clean the complex pipe network of water mains that carry your water supply.

Unitywater maintenance services truck

Sewer rehabilitation

We conduct an ongoing program to improve the condition of the sewer pipes and maintenance structures that form part of our sewage transport network.
Hydrant and Valve

Hydrant and valve replacement

Our extensive and ongoing hydrant and valve replacement safeguards the public by ensuring fire hydrants and associated valves are accessible and fully functioning.