Primary schools across the Moreton Bay, Noosa and Sunshine Coast regions are invited to register their interest to take part in a live, in-school-theatre water education program, ‘Walter Smart and Friends’. The program is being run by Unitywater in partnership with Water Conservancy and Gibber Educational.

This exciting and free program will be available to 20 primary schools in Term 2 of the 2023 school year.


The following resources cover key concepts for the urban water cycle, the sewage treatment process and plastic waste.

Click the links in the table below for activities, factsheets and videos. Or you can find the same resources arranged by topic at the bottom of the page. 

Learning activities link to the Australian Curriculum for Years 2, 4 and 7.

Resources by year level and curriculum links


Year level  Learning area  Classroom resource 
The Urban Water Cycle   2   Science, HASS  Activity: What is a long drop?
 2, 4 & 7  Science, HASS, Geography  Activity: The journey of water through our communities
 2, 4 & 7  Science, HASS, Geography  Factsheet: The urban water cycle 
 2, 4 & 7  Science, HASS, Geography Video: The urban water cycle and sewage treatment
Sewage Treatment  2 & 4  Science, HASS  Activity: To flush or not to flush
 7  HASS  Activity: Separating the water from the waste
 2, 4 & 7  Science Factsheet: Sewage treatment
 2, 4 & 7  Science  Video: Sewage treatment plant tour 
Plastic Waste  2 & 4  Science, HASS, Maths  Activity: Plastic waste, where does it come from?
 7  Science, English  Activity: Getting back to tap 
 2, 4 & 7  Science, HASS Video: Plastic pollution - the issue with Tim Silverwood
 2, 4 & 7   Science, HASS  Video: Plastic pollution - what's the solution? with Tim Silverwood 

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