You can find out more about your water, including its hardness and quality, using the postcode checker. Our service areas are Moreton Bay, Sunshine Coast and Noosa.

The hardness results will enable you to adjust your dishwasher settings. 

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Dirty brown water running into a sink

Water quality issues

There are a number of reasons why your water might look, taste or smell unusual. Learn more about how to resolve the issue. 
Washing vegetables in kitchen sink


Unitywater is certified for the international food safety certification ISO 22000 for it's Drinking Water Management System.
Water testing sample bottle in Unitywater Laboratory

Water quality testing

Every week we test a wide range of parameters to monitor the quality and safety of the drinking water supplied to our households and businesses.
Recycled water sprinklers on Coolum golf course

Recycled water

Unitywater supplies five classes of recycled water to approved users for a variety of residential, commercial, municipal and industrial purposes.