Does your block already have a water meter and sewerage connection?


The majority of blocks will already have a water meter installed and sewerage connection point.

If this is the case, then you do not need to involve Unitywater.

Your plumber can connect your new house to the existing water meter and sewerage network. It is recommended you request a detailed infrastructure plan so the plumber can locate the sewerage connection point.

Almost all blocks are in this category.



If your block was developed prior to 2009 and has not previously had a building on it, it is possible that you may not have an existing connection point.

First, physically inspect the area along the front boundary of the property to look for a water meter. You can also check our online infrastructure locations map or request a detailed infrastructure plan for your block.

If there are no connections, you will need to apply for Unitywater to install new connections for you by either of the following:

Very few blocks fall into this category – please check before applying.

Online at My Account under the 'My requests' tab

Download the Standard Connection Request (PDF 117KB)

To apply for a new connection, you will need:

  • the land owner’s consent, plus the owner’s consent for any property affected by the proposed work e.g. adjoining land through which access may be required
  • the lot and plan number for your block
  • a location plan showing your preferred meter location
  • numbers and dates for any existing Unitywater or council approvals.

2 easy ways to apply:

Online at My Account under the 'My requests' tab

Download Standard Connection Request (PDF 117KB)

The process you should follow:

Step 1
You submit your application

Some services are provided for a fixed fee, and new water connections and sewer connections require a Unitywater quote. 

Step 2
You receive and pay for your water/sewerage connection quote

If a sewerage property connection has been included as part of the application, an approval is required by Unitywater. Once approved, the quote for this item will be issued within 15 business days.

For all other items, a quote for installation works will be provided within 15 business days. Once the quote is paid, installation works will be scheduled.

Step 3
Unitywater installs the new connection
Upon payment of your quote, our team will schedule your works at the earliest available time.

A surcharge will apply for credit card payments (Mastercard and Visa) on Sundry accounts being paid at our Maroochydore and Caboolture counters or over the phone with the Credit Card Payment Authority form. Find out more