Six-step process for installing sub-meters

Ensure your client (body corporate or developer) understands the sub-metering installation process.

As part of obtaining a Unitywater development approval, you should have approval to install your sub-meters.

We have developed a step-by-step guide on everything you need to know before installing sub-meters:

Existing premises (retro-fit)

New development

If you don't yet have your approval, please apply by downloading and completing the following form:

Application to Install Sub-meters (PDF 108KB)

Once completed, please send this application form (including plans) to our development services team via email:

Please review Unitywater's Sub-Metering Policy Technical Specification (PDF 526KB) before purchasing or installing sub-meters.

Please choose your water sub-meter from the list of approved meters, which is outlined on the South East Queensland (SEQ) Code webpage of approved products (no other meter will be approved).

Before you undertake installation, please ensure you have:
  • approval to install sub-meters (outlined in step 1)
  • chosen your sub-meters from the approved list (outlined above in 'Step 2: Choose most suitable sub-meter').
It's now time to install your sub-meters, as per the technical specifications listed below:

Sub-meters installed to perfection

Pictured above is an example of a bank of wall-mounted sub-meters installed correctly.

What makes a great installation?

  • Sub-meters are in a location that is accessible to maintain.
  • Sub-meters have been tap tested to ensure the water flow for each premise's sub-meter reads accurately to the Automatic Meter Reader (AMR), if fitted.
  • Sub-meters have been tagged correctly.

Before you apply for your sub-meter installation inspection, please ensure you have:
  • completed a tap test ensuring water flows accurately for each meter        
  • tagged/labelled all the meters to identify each meter correctly (this also ensures we can send the right bill to the right owner)
  • checked your installation complies with all Unitywater policy guidelines for sub-meter installation (important to note: the sub-meters need to be accessible for maintenance and for reading the meter).

Once you have completed the above list, please advise us that the installation has been completed. This enables us to inspect that the work complies with Unitywater's sub-meter policy and technical specification. To do this, please download and complete the following form: 

Notice to Service Provider to Inspect Sub-Meter Installation (PDF 43KB)

When submitting the above form, please ensure you attach the following:

  • A copy of the Unitywater Decision Notice or Installation Approval Letter, approving your sub-meters to be installed.
  • The original ‘plan’ (approved by Unitywater) confirming location of the installed sub-meters. Important: if changes have been made to the original plan, please provide the most recent plan which displays the differences between the original plan and the new plan that may not have been Unitywater approved.            

Once completed, please send this application form, including the relevant attachments, to our development services team via email:

Upon receipt of your request for Unitywater to inspect the sub-meter installation (as outlined above in Step 4), we will be in contact within ten days to arrange your installation inspection.

The purpose of the installation inspection is to approve the sub-meters have been installed as per specification and are ready for billing.

On inspection of the sub-meter, we will either approve or identify non-compliance for rectification via email or written letter.

If you need assistance or have a question, please contact us.

Once Unitywater has approved your installation, you may need to submit for a final Plumbing Compliance Certificate and this is issued by your local council.

Check with your local council in regards to their process for issuing a final Plumbing Compliance Certificate.

You can learn more about each council's process via the following links:

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