Before you start your project

Before starting your renovation or extension project, you must check whether there are any registered easements or infrastructure you need to take into account.

In addition to Unitywater easements and water and sewer infrastructure, there may also be electricity, road easements, fire trails, stock routes and other infrastructure to consider. 

The process you should follow: 

You check if there are any water or sewerage easements on your property

Do this by purchasing a title search and survey plan via Department of Natural Resources and Mines.

You design your building work to avoid encroaching on any Unitywater easement if identified within your property

If this is not possible then you can ask us for approval for an encroachment.

Unitywater will assess your encroachment application (if needed)

You check if there are any Unitywater assets on your property or your neighbour's property

Do this by requesting a Detailed Infrastructure Plan from us online. 

If there are any assets, you need to engage a building certifier

The building certifier assess your proposed building work against the Queensland Development Code MP 1.4 – Building over or near relevant infrastructure. 

If the code conditions cannot be met, then your certifier will help you apply to build over or near infrastructure

You must use the documents and checklist on our building and renovating page if you need to build over or near infrastructure.