No water? Dirty water? Water leak? Low pressure?

Identify your issue

Step 1: Please check the stop tap on your water meter is turned on. Find out how to turn your stop tap on and off.

Step 2: If your stop tap is on and you still have no water, please check for outages.

Major water leak – this is a gushing fountain of water or fast flowing leak.

Sewage overflow – this is sewage flowing back up through toilets, sinks, drains and sewer manholes, either on private or public property 

Safety hazard – this is anything that could cause harm, injury or a serious risk to your health and well-being.

Please call us on 1300 086 489.

Moderate water leak – this is a puddle, trickle or meter box full of water.

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Want to receive SMS alerts for water outages?

We're now sending SMS alerts to property owners* to let them know when their water is out. To get the SMS alerts, all you need to do is ensure your mobile number is up to date in My Account.

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*This service is not available to tenants in rental properties.

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