As part of the building or renovating process, you may need to connect to our water and sewerage networks for the first time or make changes to an existing connection.

Before starting a new dwelling or extension, you typically need to obtain a building permit from your local council and engage a Building Certifier to approve building and plumbing work.

We provide resources to help you find where water and sewerage infrastructure is located and we assess requests to connect, disconnect or modify our assets.

Designing your build

When designing your build, it’s important to know where sewer mains, water pipes and easements are located.

This will help you avoid any costly damage to our infrastructure, both during construction and in the future if maintenance or emergency repairs to our network are required.

You need our approval if:

  • You plan to build or excavate close to our water and sewerage assets
  • You need to shift or modify our infrastructure, such as maintenance holes and connection points, for accessibility purposes
  • Your property does not already have a water meter or a sewer connection
  • You require additional connections, such as for a duplex.

If you simply need to make small changes to your existing water meter or raise or lower a maintenance hole, our Check before you build page can help.

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Definitions of technical terms

Our Connections Administration Manual (CAM) will assist you in the application process.
Subdividing and developing

Subdividing and developing

If you can't find what you are looking for here, try our subdividing and developing page.
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Request some assistance

Use the 'Contact us' online enquiry to get assistance with your building and renovating.