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Development application forms

If you are an experienced developer you can now access our development application forms in one place.  

Development application forms

Policies, codes and manuals 

Current legislation requires that your obtain Unitywater’s approval before any work can commence on new connections, disconnections, or alteration of existing connections to Unitywater’s water or sewerage networks.

The following documents outline the application process and approval conditions for new connections, and may assist you in preparing your application and undertaking your project. 

Applications and approvals prior to 1 July 2014

Our Netserv Plan presents Unitywater’s business strategies for managing our growth and investment. 

Charges for connection to Unitywater’s water supply and sewerage networks.

Unitywater's Charges Schedule (85KB)


The South East Queensland Water Supply and Sewerage Design and Construction Code (or the SEQ Code) is applicable to all planning, designing and/or constructing of water supply and sewerage infrastructure that will be owned by one of the SEQ water service providers. It is of interest to developers, engineers, consultants, constructors, product suppliers, State government, local government, etc.

The SEQ Code includes:

  • a listing of products and materials accepted for use within the SEQ water industry

  • design criteria for water supply and sewerage assets

  • separate codes for planning, design and construction of:

  • water Supply assets

  • sewerage assets

  • sewage pumping stations

  • vacuum sewerage systems

  • pressure sewerage systems

  • specification for preparing asset information. 

Go to the SEQ Code website

The Connections Administration Manual details Unitywater’s administration processes for connection applications, assessments, approvals, as well as construction and handover of infrastructure constructed by a developer. 

It will help you understand how the SEQ code and Unitywater’s Connections policy are linked together and applied in practice.

Connections Administration Manual (PDF 2.6MB) 


Your application for approval will be assessed in line with the Unitywater Connections policy (as specified in the South East Queensland Water (Distribution and Retail Restructuring) Act 2009).

The Connections Policy outlines:

  •  how to request a service advice notice

  • how to apply for connection approval or amend an approval

  • what to do when an approval lapses

  • the application processing timeframes

  • the approval criteria and conditions for:

  • different categories of connections

  • construction maintenance and defects liability

  • applications to connect outside Unitywater’s connection area (including outside Unitywater’s restricted connection area)

  •  the locations where Unitywater provides connection to our infrastructure and intends to extend current infrastructure.

Unitywater's Connection Policy (PDF 409KB)

The purpose of this schedule is to inform Unitywater's participating councils, customers and developers of our plans for delivery of trunk water supply and sewerage infrastructure. This infrastructure will serve planned growth in the Unitywater service area in accordance with the South East Queensland Regional Plan and the Planning Schemes of the participating councils (i.e, Moreton Bay Regional Council, Sunshine Coast Council and Noosa Council). 

The schedule of works maps show future plans for trunk infrastructure to meet growth projections and land use assumptions. They help developers who are planning long-term or large-scale projects. 

View our development incentives policy and development incentives areas. 

Drawing standards and templates

You can ensure your development application is assessed as quickly as possible by providing high quality information and drawings of what you plan to construct.

After construction, you must also ensure that any drawings you provide of the infrastructure you constructed comply with our record keeping standards. This is a pre-requisite for you receiving your certificate of completion as this information is critical for Unitywater’s ongoing maintenance and management of the network.

For further information on documentation requirements, please refer to the Connections Administration Manual (PDF 2.6MB).

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