What you need to do: 

  1. Talk to your local council first and gain approval (as rules for additional dwellings can vary between councils). 

  2. Apply and pay online for Unitywater to install new connections and alter any existing connections. We will undertake the work for you.

  3. You may also need to pay an infrastructure charge. This charge offsets the cost of any extra demand your second dwelling may place on our water or sewerage networks. 

What you need to get started:

  • the land owner’s consent, plus the owner’s consent for any property affected by the proposed work e.g. adjoining land through which access may be required
  • the lot and plan number for your block
  • a location plan showing your preferred location(s) for your new or relocated meters and the current location of any existing meter
  • the meter number of any existing meter
  • a floor plan of the new dwelling
  • numbers and dates for any existing Unitywater or council approvals.

To apply for connection of your second dwelling or duplex, please submit a Duplex Application via the Development Portal. Once approval is received, a Connection Services Application will need to be submitted to request the additional water meter.

Submit a Duplex Application

The process you should follow:

Step 1
You submit your application
Step 2
We will notify you of the outcome (decision notice) and provide an Infrastructure Charges Notice (ICN)
Step 3
We will send you a quote for the new connection
Step 4
You pay for your quoted works and the ICN
Step 5
Unitywater completes the work
Upon payment of your quote, our team will schedule your works at the earliest available time.