Summary of Unitywater’s Participation Agreement

A Participation Agreement for Unitywater was made on 25 June 2010.

Unitywater has a Participation Agreement with three councils: the City of Moreton Bay, Sunshine Coast Regional Council and Noosa Shire Council.

These councils receive returns from Unitywater paid out of Unitywater’s net profits.

According to the Participation Agreement, Unitywater is required to:

  • Operate on a sustainable basis,
  • Be an efficient, innovative and responsive organisation that engages with the communities it serves, and
  • Ensure continuity of service, maintenance and improvement, of existing customer service standards and focus.

Unitywater is also required to prepare a five-year strategic plan, annual reports, and a Water Netserv Plan that outlines current and future standards of service.  

Unitywater Participation Agreement (PDF 215KB)