Our services always stay connected

Unlike other utilities such as gas and electricity, we don’t disconnect and reconnect water and sewerage services when people move in and out of a property. Our services stay connected and simply transfer from the seller to the buyer when the property changes hands.

What sellers and buyers need to do

This means buyers and sellers don’t need to contact us to have their water and sewerage services disconnected or reconnected. They do need to do a few simple things to make the property settlement process as smooth as possible. Find out more about what you need to do when buying and selling.

What renters need to do

The water and sewerage account for the property is always in the owner’s name – Unitywater does not bill tenants directly. If you’re renting the property, you’ll need to direct any questions you have about water and sewerage charges to your real estate or landlord.  Find out more about what landlords and tenants need to do.

What conveyancers need to do

During the sale of a property, we recommend that the buyer’s conveyancer does a Unitywater Water Search to determine the balance of the account.  This includes any credits or outstanding water and sewerage charges from the seller’s time at the property. This balance is then taken into account during settlement. This is important because the balance of the account will transfer to the new property owner when the property changes ownership.  This includes any credit balances or outstanding charges, which become the responsibility of the new owner. 

 Family moving into home


The buying and selling process

Step 1
Contract of Sale signed - Cancel all Unitywater payments
Our services stay connected so you don’t need to contact us to connect or disconnect your water and sewerage services. If you're selling your property, just cancel any payments to Unitywater, even if you have a bill due.  This includes cancelling BPAY, direct debit, or Smoothpay, and clearing the Payment Reference number from any bank accounts you have linked to this property.
Step 2
Request a Unitywater Water Search

The buyer’s conveyancer will generally order a Unitywater Water Search to provide details of the balance of the account.  As part of the water search, a meter reading is completed to record water usage at the property.  The Water Search Certificate is then issued showing the balance of the account, including any credits or outstanding charges due at the time of the search meter read.

Step 3
Settlement adjustments

The Unitywater Settlement Calculator uses the Water Search Certificate to determine the settlement adjustment for the sale of the property:  

  • If the property's account is in debit (i.e. has outstanding charges owing), the calculator will determine what the seller will owe the buyer up to the settlement date. 
  • If the property's account is in credit, the calculator will determine what the buyer owes the seller at settlement.

This adjustment is then paid through the settlement process.  Your conveyancer will be able to provide details of this. 


Step 4
Change of ownership and Welcome Pack
Unitywater receives official notification of the land transfer from the QLD Government 4-8 weeks after settlement. We then transfer the account to the buyer’s name and send out a Welcome Pack containing everything you need to know about our services.  We then issue the next bill in the current quarterly billing cycle to the buyer. As the new owner of the property, the buyer is required to pay this bill in full, even if it contains some charges from the seller, as the buyer has been reimbursed for these charges in the settlement process.
Step 5
Update your contact details

If you are the new owner, you can now log into My Account to update your contact details, arrange for e-billing, pay your account and much more.  If you have just sold your property, you will still be able to view your billing history and update your contact details online through your current My Account