Plumber FAQs

If you are having trouble locating a sewer connection point, CCTV is always a good option.

Alternatively, you can order a Detailed Infrastructure Plan for the customer to see if it can be located on a plan.

Please note: depending on the area and age of the property, sewer connection points aren’t always located on the Detailed Infrastructure Plan.

Ensure the area surrounding the ORG is sloped away from the house. This directs sewage flowing from the ORG away from the home and helps prevent stormwater from entering it ensuring the ORG is raised above ground level to prevent water entering

Check the ORG height is right:

  • When the ORG is surrounded by grass, it must be 75mm above ground level
  • If the ORG is raised too high it may be above floor level and, in the event of a blockage, sewage in the sanitary drains may back up and overflow out of floor wastes inside the house
  • If the ORG cannot be raised to its correct height, an inflow prevention device may need to be fitted to it.

Prevent stormwater entering the sewerage system by:

  • never covering or obstructing sewer maintenance holes or ORGs
  • never planting trees over or around sewer lines
  • never connecting stormwater downpipes to a property’s ORG or sewer pipes
  • ensuring stormwater downpipes drain water from the roof a minimum of one metre away from the house.


Please contact your local council to access these plans.

No. The water meter is considered property of Unitywater. Please do not fix a leak at the water meter. Instead, please notify us by calling 1300 086 489 immediately.

If you happen to damage Unitywater infrastructure, please notify us by calling 1300 086 489 immediately.

As you will be aware, it’s illegal to connect a resident’s stormwater pipe to the sewerage network.

If you come across an illegal connection between the stormwater and sewerage network, please advise the customer that residents are required to rectify any inappropriate connections detected on their property by using a licensed plumber.

Advise the customer that you can rectify the issue whilst you are on site.