Before you start

Select one of the submission packages below to find the applicable forms for each approval step.

Unitywater is progressively moving to online forms to streamline submission content and processing.

Some tips and tricks for using the online submission forms

  • You can save and resume at any time. An email will be generated with a resume link.
  • The form’s link can be shared with others to allow for additional contribution (i.e. owner’s consent).

Before you start a submission package, ensure you have:

  • the owner's consent for all land, related land and easements
  • paid all fees to Unitywater or completed payment authorisation in the submission form
  • dimensioned locality plans, survey plans, hydraulic plans, network analysis as applicable
  • Infrastructure Charges calculations and draft notice (if applicable)
  • included all mandatory documents, as stated in the Accreditation and Certification Manual in submission.

This will help ensure efficient processing of your submission.

The Reference Library contains more information on the SEQ Code, the Unitywater Connections Policy as well as specific Accreditation and Certification documents.

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Submission packages

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