How it works

Unitywater’s new accreditation and certification system will allow entities and individuals to be accredited and registered:

  • as being competent to assess connections applications
  • to certify that engineering designs and constructed assets are compliant with the relevant connections approval requirements and prescribed standards.

The accreditation and certification system applies to most connection applications that do not include trunk infrastructure or is a standard water or sewer connection. 

The new system was implemented on 1 July 2017 and will run in parallel with the current Unitywater Connections Application process until 30 June 2019.

From 1 July 2019, all aspects of non-trunk water supply and sewerage connections applications, including assessment of connections applications and design, construction and handover of donated assets to Unitywater, will be managed by accredited entities and individuals.

Required documents

Roles and responsibilities

Accredited entities

An accredited entity is responsible for supporting registered certifiers to assess water and sewerage connection applications and issue certification packages to Unitywater.

Suitably qualified individuals and companies, including consulting engineering firms, civil construction companies, project management companies, town planning consultancies or surveying firms, are eligible to apply to be appointed as an accredited entity.

Registered certifiers

Registered certifiers are appointed by an accredited entity and are responsible for ensuring that all new infrastructure and property service connections are compliant with prescribed standards.

Suitably qualified individuals can be appointed as a registered certifier in one or more of the following categories:

  • Major Connections Certifiers
  • Minor Connections Certifiers
  • Construction Certifiers

Read more in the Accreditation and Certification Manual (PDF 1MB)

The accreditation process

Accreditation application rounds will be conducted once a year by Unitywater to establish and then maintain a pool of Accredited Entities and Registered Certifiers that provide certification services to the development industry. If successful, your initial registration will be for a period of 2 years. Renewals will be subject to satisfactory performance.

The 2017 round of applications is now closed

Unitywater is currently assessing applications and will advise applicants if they have been successful by the end of September.

Successful applicants will then be invited to register for training by early October.

Training will be conducted in October and November and those who successfully complete all training modules will be appointed in December.

Please check back here regularly for updates on future application rounds.

	Certification and accreditation 2 men looking at maps on building site 

Overview of the process

Submit application
You prepare and submit your accreditation application(s).
Application assessment
Unitywater assesses your accreditation application within 20 working days.

Successful applicants complete Unitywater training. This must be completed within 90 working days.

Unitywater sends you a deed (accredited entities) or Registration deed poll (certifiers) to sign and appoint you.
Commence certifications

You may begin submitting certification packages to Unitywater from 2 January 2018.

Ongoing monitoring

Unitywater will continue to monitor and coach you.

Frequently asked questions

Individuals (e.g. sole traders) and companies (e.g. consulting engineers, civil construction contractors, project managers, registered surveyors and town planners) can apply for accreditation to become an ‘Accredited Entity’ and/or Registered Certifier.

It is anticipated that applicants will have a level of knowledge or practical experience with land development and the processes for connection to water supply and sewerage networks in South East Queensland.

Find full eligibility requirements in the Accreditation and Certification Manual (PDF 1MB)

The accreditation and certification process includes things such as:

  • assessments and approval of applications

  • training

  • accreditation deed

  • registration deed poll

  • insurances

  • quality systems.

The processes are described in detail in the Accreditation and Certification Manual.

Download the Accreditation and Certification Manual (PDF 1MB)

There are no accreditation application fees and no charge for training provided by Unitywater.

Between 1 July 2017 and 30 June 2019, we will operate our current development services business as usual in conjunction with the Accreditation and Certification System.  During this time applications for connections will continue to be accepted by Development Services. This will provide time for the appointment of a sufficient number of accredited entities and registered certifiers to meet development demand.

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From 2 January 2018, Unitywater will start accepting certification packages from Accredited Entities and Registered Certifiers.

Figures 1 and 2 below illustrate the roles of Accredited Entities and Registered Certifiers in the approval process.

 Legend for diagrams showing the connection process

Diagram of Connection Process for development with network works

Diagram of Connection Process for development without network works

A list of all accredited entities and registered certifiers will be published on this website from 1 January 2018. 

Unitywater will start accepting certification packages from 2 January 2018.

We welcome feedback from the development industry and stakeholders on how to improve our new accreditation and certification system and our processes.

If you would like to provide feedback, please email

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Check the Accreditation and Certification Manual (PDF 1MB) or request some assistance.