Developing our people

Our people can tap into a huge range of programs and initiatives for professional, personal and leadership development.

We are committed to investing in and developing our people. Why? We want to challenge and empower everyone who works for us. This is because we rely on good people to help us do a very important job: delivering safe and critical services to the communities we serve. 

Our people have the opportunity to cross-skill and gain varied professional development experiences through secondment and project placements across Unitywater.
We have a number of programs that are targeted at varied levels of leadership capability, as well as other resources that are available to all staff to tap into at any time.
The Mentoring Program at Unitywater is offered to both emerging and experienced leaders as a means of professional development. It provides individuals the opportunity to develop professional relationships, share knowledge and expertise and develop confidence and leadership skills.

We offer a wide range of formal training courses to support leadership and technical development. Employees can access online learning courses and have the opportunity to attend training available throughout the year.

We support the development of our people and further study is available through the UNITE (University, Training and Education) study assistance program.

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