Step 1: If you have no water, check our map for any water outages in your area. 

Sometimes water supply is interrupted due to unforeseen issues, planned maintenance or immediately following completed works. 

Insert your postcode or address into the search box on the map or zoom in to your area.

If your property is on the map, we are aware of the problem and we are working to restore services as soon as possible.  

If your property is not on the outages map, please let us know by filling out the online form at Step 4 below.

Unplanned outageWorks in Progress

Shows water outages, including the estimated area affected. 

Once water has been restored, you may have dirty water. Here's what to do.

Planned outagePlanned Works

Shows scheduled water outages related to maintenance work that we have planned within the next two weeks.

Completed worksCompleted Works

Shows repairs that were finalised within the past 24 hours. 

If you have dirty water. Here's what to do.