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Unitywater’s social media accounts cover topics relating to our business activities and water or sewerage incidents or emergencies, including:

  • Water outages
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  • Information from other organisations that relates to our customers
  • Unitywater promotions.


We update and monitor our Facebook and LinkedIn accounts between the hours of 8.30am and 5pm Monday to Friday. During an incident or emergency situation we may provide additional updates outside of these hours.

There may be times when our social media accounts are unavailable. In these circumstances please visit our website or phone us on 1300 086 489 (24 hours a day) for the information you require.


Appropriate content and use

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If you follow our accounts on Facebook or Linkedin, we may in turn follow you. Being followed by Unitywater does not imply our endorsement.


Replies and direct messages

We welcome feedback and comments from all of our followers and aim to join the conversation where possible. However, we reserve the right to refrain from replying and may be unable to respond to each post we receive.

We monitor all private messages, comments, replies and posts on our Facebook page, as well as comments on our LinkedIn posts. Where messages relate to a specific customer issue, we may direct these to our customer service team for action.



We ask followers to be respectful to each other and to Unitywater, and that you interact with us only about business operations, issues, incidents and emergencies relevant to Unitywater and our services. We reserve the right to remove or hide any content or comments that are deemed irrelevant to our social media posts, business operations or services.


Third party links

Any link from a post on our accounts to third parties and third party products, services or information does not imply an endorsement or recommendation by Unitywater of those parties or products. Unitywater does not assume any responsibility or liability for third party information or for the operation or function of any service or facility offered by third parties and encourages our followers to make their own independent assessment as to whether a third party product is suitable for their needs.



Unitywater respects personal information as required under privacy legislation. We do not collect or use personal information of any kind from followers of our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.

To maintain your privacy and the privacy of others, we recommend you do not include things such as telephone numbers, email addresses or other personal identifiers in posts. If you have a question or issue regarding privacy and would like to speak to someone at Unitywater, please contact us through our customer service channels.


Unitywater employees using Facebook or LinkedIn

The posts of Unitywater’s employees acting in their personal capacity on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin do not represent the official views of Unitywater. Such posts and their content should be considered as having been created by private citizens without the knowledge or endorsement of Unitywater.



All content or materials made available on Unitywater’s Facebook and LinkedIn accounts is for informational purposes only. While Unitywater takes all reasonable steps to ensure that content or materials it provides is accurate, it does not and is unable to check the accuracy of content or materials provided or made available (including through links) by followers or other third parties.

Accordingly, Unitywater:

  • makes no statement, representation, or warranty about the accuracy or completeness of any content or materials posted to, or provided by Unitywater or its followers on, Unitywater’s Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.
  • to the fullest extent permissible by law, disclaims all liability (including in negligence) for all expenses, losses, damages and costs incurred by followers and other visitors to Unitywater’s Facebook and LinkedIn accounts as a result of content or materials being inaccurate or incomplete in any way and for any reason.


Media enquiries

Journalists with media enquiries can email or visit our Newsroom