Unitywater is the first distributor-retailer in south east Queensland to be certified for the international food safety certification ISO 22000.

We achieved this certification for our Drinking Water Management System.

Our independently certified system describes Unitywater’s approach to drinking water management, including our:

  • operational and maintenance practices
  • work procedures
  • process control
  • document control
  • management communication
  • regulatory requirements.

Our systems are audited regularly under the requirements of the Water Supply (Safety and Reliability) Act 2008, and our ISO 22000 certification.

Customers who need a certificate of compliance for Unitywater’s drinking water quality (e.g. food producers or manufacturers in our supply region) can download a copy of Unitywater’s ISO 22000 certification (PDF 434KB) for their records.

Unitywater goes beyond meeting our regulatory requirements. Our drinking water management system is certified to ISO 22000:2018 standard. This standard is used in organisations worldwide, including high-quality food and beverage manufacturers, to provide assurance of a reliable, high-quality end product to customers.


To achieve ISO 22000:

The water Unitywater supplies must meet all the requirements under the Water Supply (Safety and Reliability) Act 2008.

In addition, we adhere to strict water quality requirements as per the Public Health Regulation 2005 and Australian Drinking Water Quality Guidelines 2011.


ISO 22000 – six key points you need to know

  1. ISO 22000 is an international standard which enables Unitywater to demonstrate our commitment to a food safety management system.
  2. As drinking water is a food product, the standard may be applied to water service providers, like Unitywater.
  3. Unitywater has implemented a Drinking Water Management System (DWMS) to safeguard the water supply against contamination risks.
  4. Independent ISO 22000 auditors assessed our DWMS and found that our system met the requirements of the standard.
  5. Unitywater was awarded initial certification against ISO 22000:2005 in February 2016, and re-certification to the newly revised ISO 22000:2018 in February 2019.
  6. ISO 22000 certification provides assurance to our customers, the business and regulators that Unitywater meets ‘best practice’ requirements for drinking water management.