Unitywater is committed to fostering an ethical, transparent culture. In pursuit of this, Unitywater values the disclosure of information about suspected wrongdoing in the public sector so that it can be properly assessed and, if necessary, appropriately investigated. Unitywater will provide support to an employee or others who make disclosures about matters in the public interest. 

The Unitywater disclosure program allows members of the public to report wrongdoing to Unitywater including corruption, fraud, dishonesty, theft, unethical behaviour, dangers to health and safety of a person with a disability, dangers to the environment, or potential reprisal for making a disclosure. 

Please see Unitywater’s Public Interest Disclosure Procedure for more information.

A copy of the Public Interest Disclosure Procedure can generally be made available in other media (for example, hard copy) on request.

Include in your disclosure

You can make a report about wrongdoing in any way, including anonymously, either verbally or in writing. To assist in the assessment, and any subsequent investigation of a disclosure, disclosers are requested to:

  1. provide contact details (this could be an email address that is created for the purpose of making the disclosure or a telephone number)
  2. provide as much information as possible about the suspected wrongdoing, including:
  • who was involved
  • what happened
  • when it happened
  • where it happened
  • whether there were any witnesses, and if so who they are
  • any evidence that supports the disclosure, and where the evidence is located
  • any further information that could help investigate the disclosure
  • provide this information in writing.

Page last updated on 23/04/2019.

Send your disclosure 

You can make a disclosure to Unitywater by:

  • email: integrity@unitywater.com, or
  • telephone: 1300 086 489 (request the call be transferred to either the General Counsel and Company Secretary, or to the Senior Lawyer, Governance and Compliance)