The table below shows sewerage usage percentage based on land use type.

Sewerage usage percentage Land use type
0% Vacant Land, Walkway, Extractive, Advertising - Hoarding
5% Concrete Batching Plant
20% Parks and Gardens, Nursery (Plants), Agricultural Business
25% Cemetery, Cold Store - Ice Works
50% Harbour Industry
60% Caravan park
70% Educational (inc. k/garten), Sportground, Racecourse, Airfield, Tourist Attraction, Swimming Pool, Bowls Club
80% Child care (ex. k/garten), Service Station, Vet
90% Industry (Light and General, Other), Shop/Shopping Centre (Small to Large incl. Theaters), Multi Dwelling and Shops, Office, Warehouse, Religious, Resturant, Bakery, Club (Sporting/Other), Community Protection Centre, Welfare Home/Institute, Hotel/Tavern/Motel/Guest Home, Hospital, Library, Sales Area/Builders Yard, Outbuilding, Reserviour/Dam/Bore, Transformer, Transit Terminal/Car Park, Oil Depot and Refinery, Funeral Parlor, Marina/Wharf, Recreation Sports Field, Golf Club