In a bid to prevent future graffiti and enhance the appearance of our sites, we are working with our communities to create murals on highly visible reservoirs, water towers and sewage pump stations. 

The cost of removing graffiti can be as much as $5500 each time.

Repainting with a single colour arguably provides another blank canvas for further graffiti.

By contrast, our community murals have been created with the support of neighbouring residents and graffiti artists alike, making them less likely to be tagged again.

How the process works

Phase One
Community survey
Community members who live and work alongside the site are invited to share their ideas for the artwork design's theme, content and style. 
Phase Two
Design brief development
The ideas and wishes of the local community are incorporated into a design brief that is used to guide the artwork development. 
Phase Three
Concept development
We work closely with the appointed public art agency and a design reference panel to commission multiple concepts in line with the community's design brief. 
Phase Four
Final design
Final design selected following consultation with the design reference panel.
Phase Five
Artwork installation
The design is installed. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Utilities and councils throughout Australia and overseas install public artworks as a graffiti-prevention strategy on the basis that graffiti offenders are less likely to tag or deface an artwork, particularly when they have been involved in its creation.

Our reservoir artworks are designed and installed by not for profit agencies that specialise in creating painted works of art with well-known street artists. 

The installation process includes a mentoring program with local kids that aims to providing them with inspiration to further their skills in a positive way and educate them on the negative impact of graffiti.

As a result, the artworks often gain wider respect amongst the graffiti community and are less likely to be tagged again.

Unitywater proactively engages with residents and business owners from the area surrounding the particular reservoir, water tower or pump station.

The aim of this is to capture a reflection of the local identity and what kinds of themes, styles and artwork the people would like to see in the design. 

A concept is developed to incorporate the feedback from the community.

The final artwork is chosen by a design selection panel. This consists of community members who have expressed an interest in having a say on the final design.

Once the design selection panel have approved the design, it is painted on the reservoir, water tower or pump station.

Unitywater engages specialised art agencies to design and install our artworks.  

If you would like to find out more information about future artworks and project specifications, please contact us at