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Where are they?

Woman checking water meterA standard water meter is normally found at the front of the property, on the left or right corner of the boundary. Most meters are above, at or below ground level with a plastic or metal lid.

Read our Meter Reading FAQs for more. 

Please contact us if you need help locating your water meter. If the exact location cannot be determined over the phone, you can request a Unitywater staff member to come to your property and locate the meter.

To do this, please select ‘Provide location of service for existing water meter position at property’ in Part E and pay the relevant fee on the following form:

Standard Connection Request Form (F9255)        

Please do:

  • check the meter reader can easily read the meter
  • check it can be easily accessed
  • make sure the lid can be easily removed
  • trim nearby grass, shrubs and trees.


Please don't:
  • let grass, shrubs or trees cover the meter
  • let grass, sand or dirt build up around the meter or meter box
  • damage the meter or meter box (eg, with a lawnmower or shovel).


Moving a water meter

Water meter

You may request to have your water meter:

  • converted from above ground to below ground
  • box raised or lowered
  • moved horizontally (relocation). 

To have your meter moved, please select the most suitable option in Part E and pay the relevant fee on the following form: 

Standard Connection Request Form (F9255)


Unitywater maintenance manhole

Where are they?

Manholes are positioned at regular intervals throughout the sewer network, approximately every 100 metres, or wherever there is a change in grade, direction or materials in the sewerage system.
They allow us to:

  • inspect sewers by closed circuit television
  • clean pipes
  • clear blockages 
  • inspect infrastructure. 

If a manhole is on your property, it is your responsibility to maintain the area around it.

    Please do: 

  • check the manhole can be easily accessed
  • keep free of any obstructions
  • trim nearby grass, shrubs and trees. 

    Please don't:

  • lower, raise or move the manhole (you need approval and Unitywater must do these works)
  • cover or bury with dirt, rocks, statues, pot plants etc
  • damage or attempt to lift the lid.

Lowering or raising a manhole

Due to movements in the soil around manholes, we sometimes need to raise or lower a manhole to keep it level with the ground.

To have the height of a manhole adjusted, please complete the following form:

Private Works Application Form (F10001) 


  • The property owner is responsible for: maintaining the area around the water meter, ensuring access is provided for meter readers, monitoring water usage and investigating leakage on private property.
  • Unitywater is responsible for maintenance of the meter itself. 

Further information about the Water Supply (Safety and Reliability) Act 2008

Under the Act, Unitywater retains ownership of the water meter after installation, regardless of its position or location.

Under the Act, Unitywater can direct property owners to maintain the area around a water meter, when the water meter is within the property boundary. 

In some cases, the water meter is located outside the property boundary and is situated on the footpath or reserve, which is land owned by the State Government.

These footpath/reserve areas, although owned by the State Government, are controlled and maintained by the Sunshine Coast Council, Moreton Bay Regional Council and Noosa Council, and as such the State Government may request the respective council undertake the maintenance.

In these circumstances, it would be reasonable to request that the State Government maintain the area around the water meter. 


According to the Water Supply (Safety and Reliability) Act 2008, it is an offence to interfere with a public sewer or manhole, and penalties may apply.

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