Locate water and sewerage infrastructure

Enter your address into our easy-to-use, free mapping tool to show where our infrastructure is located underground. This will show the same information as a DIP. 

Settlement Calculator

Once the Water Search Certificate has been issued, your conveyancer can use our Settlement Calculator to help estimate the seller's water and sewerage charges between the Certificate's issue date and your settlement date.

Trade Waste Search

It is recommended you order a Trade Waste Search if you are buying or starting a business that generates trade waste.  Trade waste includes liquid waste such as grease, oils and chemicals.  Find out more about trade waste and how to request a search:

What is a Water Search Certificate?

A Unitywater Water Search Certificate provides details of:

  • a meter reading (if the property has a water meter)

  • available and/or connected water and sewerage services

  • outstanding water supply and sewerage charges

  • any credit balance on the account (if applicable)

  • interest on outstanding charges (if applicable)

  • encumbrances, such as capital contributions (if applicable)

  • recoverable debt due to sale of property (if applicable)

 Close up of Unitywater Search Certificate 3



Conveyancing solicitor using settlement calculator on desktop computer

How to request a Water Search Certificate

The easiest and quickest way to request a Water Search Certificate is online in My Account. Here you can submit your request and make a payment for your application. If you're not registered for My Account, all you need is your Unitywater account number and your postal postcode (both located at the top of your bill).  

Order your Water Search in My Account

Payments can be made using a credit card or on a 14 day account if you’re pre-registered.

Description 2023-24 price
Search on unimproved land (no meter) $80.00
Search on developed land (with meter) $163.00

You’ll receive your Water Search Certificate within 10 working days of requesting it. 

If for some reason you are unable to order your water search through My Account, you can order a Water Search Certificate through our online form.

Search meter read

When a Water Search Certificate is requested for metered properties Unitywater will take a search meter read to record the water usage at the property since the last billing date. Usage charges up to the search meter read date will be specified on the Water Search Certificate. Your conveyancer will use this data to work out what the seller owes up until settlement day.  

Please note: If your search application is lodged within 5 business days of the property's normal meter read then we may use this reading to produce the search certificate.  This allows us to process your search in the shortest time possible.

 Meter Reading reading water meter at residential property

Buying a unit?

If you are purchasing a unit in an older complex the way you are billed as a unit owner may be under review or may change by the time you take ownership. This is because some complexes that were built or had plumbing approved before 2008 may not meet the Queensland Plumbing and Wastewater Code and we need to ensure the sub meters are compliant and that our customers are being billed accurately. Please contact your body corporate to discuss how your unit will be charged for water and sewerage. Find out more information on sub-metered complexes here.