Please only flush the three Ps - pee, poo and (toilet) paper!

Where would you be without your loo?

Think about it for a second.

Many of us take our toilets for granted. Day to day, we simply flush and forget. That’s understandable – who really wants to think about what happens after we flush?

Here at Unitywater, we think about it all the time!

Your toilet is part of a very important network, the sewerage system, which is a series of pipes and pumps sending the sewage that you flush or wash down the drain to our treatment plants. 

Putting the wrong things down the toilet may:

  • block or damage the sewer pipes on your property, requiring expensive plumbing repairs
  • reduce sewage treatment plant efficiency, increasing the costs of sewage treatment
  • potentially damage the environment and health of our waterways.

We’re working hard every day to protect our way of life, our health and our environment. But we need your help too.

Love your loo – it looks after you!

Talking toilets with the Junior Poo Crew

It's shocking what some people put down the toilet!

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