New water carriers must complete an application form to access Unitywater's recycled water fill stations.

View our map of recycled water fill stations

Read our fact sheets on recycled water Class A / A+ (PDF 227KB) and recycled water Class B (PDF 221 KB).  

Obtaining a permit from Unitywater

All recycled water users and drivers need to complete the mandatory recycled water training by:

  1. reading the recycled water tanks operator training guide (PDF 1.4MB) and
  2. printing and submitting the recycled water training assessment (PDF 158KB) form with your application.

Your vehicle/truck will need a current backflow prevention certificate issued by a licensed plumber.

Our fill station locations are fitted with a 3 inch male cam lock fitting. You will need your own 3 inch female fitting.

Please read the following customer guide before submitting a completed application form:

Pr10668 - Water Carrier Customer Guide (PDF 1.1MB)

Water Carrier Application Form (PDF 870KB)

Be sure to include the following documents:

If you need a permit for both potable and recycled water please complete the following form and ensure you read the requirements for both water uses within the schedules of the Water Carrier Application Form. 

Your tanker can access both fill stations except when delivering water for consumption. 

You will be notified about the outcome of your application within 48 hours.

Once approved, we will contact you to either post your tag/s or arrange  for you to collect the tags from one of these Unitywater locations:

  • Southern Service Centre, 600 Market Drive, Morayfield.
  • Northern Corporate Centre, 6-10 Maud Street, Maroochydore.

Recycled water access key tag

At the time of receiving your access tag you will also be issued with a set of stickers:

  • 2 x purple recycled water stickers - one for each side of your tank
  • 2 x safety stickers (Avoid contact with Recycled Water, Recycled Water Do Not Drink) - these are to be placed near the taps on your tank
  • 1 x permit sticker for recycled water - this will be valid for 12 months according to the date of issue of your backflow certificate.
Recycled water other services pricing Unit 2023-24 price
($ excl GST)
Recycled water fill station - Access tag deposit per tag $75.00
Recycled water fill station - Monthly access charge per tanker per month
(or part thereof)
Recycled water fill station - Class A+ per kilolitre $3.371
Recycled water fill station - Class A per kilolitre $0.814
Recycled water fill station - Class B per kilolitre $0.380
Recycled water stickers per sticker $11.50*
Late Return Fee - Backflow certificate per month or part thereof $101.00
*GST is applicable to this fee when charged.

Uses of recycled water

  • irrigation
  • landscaping
  • dust suppression
  • construction
  • washing cars

Please see our approved uses list to confirm what class of water you need.

F&Qs for new and existing customers

From time to time your tanker may require disinfection. This may be due to accessing different classes of water or from build-up of residue in the tank. Please use this helpful tanker disinfection fact sheet (PDF 58KB) to assist you.

Site shutdowns at fill stations

From time to time something may go wrong at one of the fill stations or it may be shutdown for scheduled maintenance. If there is a shutdown scheduled, we will send an SMS to the number nominated on your latest application form.

If you would like to add someone to the SMS listing so that they are also notified of shutdowns, please email their name and mobile phone number to

To view available fill stations, including those that are currently offline, view our map of potable water fill locations and map of recycled water fill locations.

Reporting fill station faults

If there is a problem with your access tag or a fill station (e.g. your tag is invalid, the fill station isleaking, or there is an electrical fault or damage to the fill station), please contact us to report the problem and provide the following details:

  • your business name

  • your Unitywater account number (if known)

  • your contact number

  • the location of the problem

  • a description of the problem.

We will then investigate and repair if necessary or contact you if further information is needed.

Reporting an incident

Please report any incidents or problems to Unitywater, including:

  • a complaint from a member of the public

  • tanker leakage or spillage

  • leaking pipes at fill stations resulting in an injury or near miss

  • inappropriate or careless use of a standpipe resulting in injury or near miss.

If the incident represents a risk to health and safety, please call Unitywater immediately on 1300 086 489.

If the incident is NOT a health or safety risk, please fill in the incident report form (PDF 103KB) and submit to Unitywater by email to or post to PO Box 953, Caboolture Queensland 4510.

Email with the following details:

  • your Unitywater account number (if you know it)
  • lost tag number (if applicable)
  • how many tags you require
  • details of who will this tag be issued to.
If you’ve lost your tag, the original deposit paid for this tag is forfeited and you will need to pay another deposit.

Adding trucks to your application

Email with the following details:

  • your Unitywater account number (if you know it)
  • new truck registration number
  • truck make and model
  • tanker capacity
  • a copy of backflow certificate for this new registration.

Updating authorised account persons

At the time of your application, we asked you who can access or change information relating to your account. If you wish to update these details, please email with the following details:

  • your Unitywater account number (if you know it)
  • name of authorised person
  • authorised person’s contact number and email
  • authorised person’s business title.

Change of address or contact details

Email with the following details:

  • your Unitywater account number (if you know it)
  • new address, phone number or email

Please return your standpipe in person and your access tags by post or in person via:

  • post – PO Box 953, Caboolture Queensland 4510
  • in person - Southern Service Centre, 67 Weier Road, Morayfield OR Maroochydore by appointment. Please phone 1300 086 489 to discuss.

Access tags or standpipes must be returned to be eligible for a refund of any security deposits paid (minus any final charges).

When returning your standpipe or access tag/s, please advise us of your preferred refund method (either cheque or bank deposit). If by bank deposit, please provide your: account name, bank name, BSB and account number.

New owners must submit a new application prior to commencing operations.