The main commercial use for recycled water is for open-space irrigation. Many schools, golf courses, community ovals and sporting grounds use recycled water in the Sunshine Coast, Noosa and Moreton Bay areas.

Recycled water is also used in some industrial processes.
View our Commercial and industrial - recycled water fact sheet (PDF 46KB).

Recycled water is now available for limited commercial uses in our service areas of Moreton Bay, Sunshine Coast and Noosa. Recycled water is currently used by some customers to irrigate open spaces such as sports grounds and golf courses.

After you have filled out all the required information on this form, we can determine the suitability and availability of recycled water for your intended use. Connecting to Unitywater’s recycled water supply will incur infrastructure planning and development costs, which are not assessed as part of this expression of interest application.

When we have received your form, a representative from our Customer Assurance Team will be in touch to discuss your interest in recycled water.

Expression of interest form

There are five classes of recycled water (A+, A, B, C, D). Each class is of a different quality, as the treatment capabilities of our sewage treatment plants vary. Therefore there are restrictions placed on each class and what you can use it for (e.g. Class C is only suitable under strict controls - see below for examples). The table below lists approved uses for all classes of recycled water. Please note: sensible and appropriate hygiene precautions must be employed when using recycled water.

Use Class A+ Class A Class B Class C Class D
Irrigation of residential gardens and lawns - above ground
Irrigation of residential gardens and lawns - below ground
Filling or topping up of residential 'non-drinking water' rainwater tanks - NOT ALLOWED
Dust suppression, compaction
Watering parks, playing fields, footpaths and roadside plants
Filling fenced ponds, lagoons and dams (not used for recreational purposes)
Filling non-fenced ponds, lagoons and dams (not used for recreational purposes) 
Road works
Washing cars
Washing animals (except pigs)
Hydraulic testing of sewer infrastructure
Irrigation of landscaping on construction sites
Filling or topping up of swimming pools or spas - NOT ALLOWED
Irrigating sugar cane destined for non-edible purposes (fixed site users only)
Irrigating turf (fixed site users only)

listed use is approved for this class of recycled water

listed use is not approved for this class of recycled water

use is accepted only under strict site controls including site management plans and a recycled water sale agreement

Recycled water is produced at the following treatment plants:

Unitywater sewage treatment plant Class
Brendale B
Coolum B
Kawana B
Landsborough B
Maleny B
Maroochydore B
Maroochydore Lagoon D
Murrumba Downs B
Nambour B
Nambour Lagoon D
Noosa B
Redcliffe C
South Caboolture Dual Reticulation A+
South Caboolture Standpipe B
Woodford A
water truck spaying water on road at construction site

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Understand the precautions and approved uses to ensure safe use of recycled water.