Privacy, confidentiality and protecting our customers’ sensitive personal information are priorities for us.

We have a simple rule about who is allowed to access account information. Only an authorised person can discuss or change an account.

Authorised persons

The property owner

If you are listed on the property title as the owner, you are automatically an authorised person.

Good to know:

If you are the spouse or partner of the property owner – but not officially recorded as the owner – you are not authorised. However, if you both jointly own a property, you are both automatically authorised. 

Anyone else who has not been authorised by the property owner.

This includes tenants, relatives/friends, neighbours, carers, business/company staff, real estate agents or solicitors. 

Adding an authorised person


1. Contact us on 1300 086 489 and tell us the authorised person’s full name, phone number, email address and date of birth


2. Write down their details on the following form and send it back to us: 

Account Authority Request Form (PDF 260KB) 


Any individual, including tenants, relatives/friends, neighbours, carers, business/company staff, real estate agents or solicitors can be authorised by the owner on the account.

You will need to tell us what level of authority you would like this person to have. There are two levels of authority to choose from:

  • Full Authority – authority to discuss and make changes to the owner’s Unitywater account, including access to My Account, setting up payment plans or direct debits, changing postal address and signing up for e-billing. 

  • Authority to Access Information – authority to discuss any information contained in the account but not to amend or change the owner’s account in any way.

If your property has multiple owners listed on the bill or multiple fully-authorised people on the account, each owner/authorised person can register for My Account. To do this, the person must have a copy of the bill (or the required details from it) and their own unique email address (username) and password, or register through a unique Facebook or Google account.

Authorisation FAQs

If you are a landlord with an investment property and you need to authorise a real estate agent to make enquiries on your water and sewerage account, please either call us on 1300 086 489 or complete the following form and return it to us: 

Account Authority Request Form (PDF 260KB) 

Authorisation for body corporate companies engaged for large complexes with a master meter

Any individual from the Body Corporate company (e.g. BCP Strata) can discuss the Body Corporate account and common area issues for this complex.

If the Body Corporate company wishes to nominate an individual staff member for a particular complex, they will need to complete the following form:

Company Account Authority Request Form (PDF 93KB)


Please note: if individual unit owners contact Unitywater regarding common area issues (such as leaks), they will be advised to deal with the Body Corporate directly.

If you have taken over as the new Body Corporate for a complex, please advise Unitywater in writing by:

  • sending your request from the Body Corporate email address or on letterhead signed by the principal with the ABN supplied.

Authorisation for self-managed body corporates for smaller complexes with a master meter

To nominate an authorised person from a Body Corporate, please provide:

  • a copy of the section of the AGM minutes that show the elected office bearers for the next 12-month period (president, secretary, treasurer).

One of the elected office bearers can complete the following form for an individual unit owner if they would like them to have access to the Body Corporate information.

Company Account Authority Request Form (PDF 93KB)


Authorisation for duplex Bodies Corporate with a master and two sub-meters or two individual meters

Each unit holder from the Body Corporate can obtain Full Authority on the Body Corporate account. 

To nominate an authorised person from a self-managed super fund or trust, please send us:

  • the form below, signed by a director or secretary of the company or trustees
  • a copy of any documentation linking the person seeking authorisation to the SMSF or trust.

Company Account Authority Request Form (PDF 93KB)

How do I get authorised on a deceased estate?

The Executor of the Will or if there is no Will, the person who is administering the estate, needs to provide a written request to Unitywater alongside the following documentation:

  • if there is a Will, certified copies of the Will and Death Certificate
  • certified copy of ID such as driver’s licence, passport or proof of age card and
  • a written authorisation from the Executor of the Will or the person who is administering the estate, to Unitywater, authorising Unitywater or their solicitor to discuss information on the account relating to the property with the nominated authorised person.

Find out more about deceased estates.

An enduring Power of Attorney gives a person the power to make financial and/or personal decisions on behalf of someone else (Attorney).

Unitywater can accept an Attorney as an authorised person on an account.

Please send us the Power of Attorney documentation (State approved forms, certified copies) to confirm your status as an Attorney.

A Power of Attorney does not apply to a customer who is deceased.

A Power of Attorney can authorise others on an account in certain circumstances. These are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us if you need more information.