Privacy, confidentiality and protecting our customers’ sensitive personal information are priorities for us.

We have a simple rule about who is allowed to access account information. Only an authorised person can discuss or change an account.

There are two levels of authority

Any individual, including tenants, relatives/friends, neighbours, carers, business/company staff, real estate agents or solicitors can be authorised by the owner on the account.

You will need to tell us what level of authority you would like this person to have. There are two levels of authority to choose from - Account and Full.

Account Authority: Authority to review and discuss information contained in the account but not to amend or change the owner’s account or personal information in any way. No private or personal information will be discussed or disclosed under this authority.  No online access to My Account.

Full Authority: Authority to act on behalf of the property owner in all matters relating to the account.  Able to review, discuss and change any information contained in the account, including personal information. Includes online access to My Account. 

Add an authorised person (online form)

Who is an authorised person?

The property owner

If you are listed on the property title as the owner, you are automatically an authorised person.

Good to know:

If you are the spouse or partner of the property owner – but not officially recorded as the owner – you are not authorised. However, if you both jointly own a property, you are both automatically authorised. 

Who is not an authorised person?

Anyone else who has not been authorised by the property owner.

This includes tenants, relatives/friends, neighbours, carers, business/company staff, real estate agents or solicitors. 


How to add an authorised person

1. Fill out the form below:

Add an authorised person (online form)

2. Or, contact us on 1300 086 489 and tell us the authorised person's full name, phone number and email address. 


As a non-owner of the property, to be granted Account or Full Authority on someone else's account, you must provide a legal document such as: Power of Attorney, Enduring Power of Attorney, Letter of Administration, Correspondence by the Public Trustee, or letter from a Court of Law, stating that you are authorised to act on behalf of the property owner. 

As Unitywater needs to sight these documents, authorisations for non-owners can only be put in place by filling out the form below. Please note: we are not able to add these authorities over the phone.

Add an authorised person (online form)


1. Power of Attorney (POA) documentation must cover Financial Authority to be accepted.

2. Power of Attorney ceases once the property owner becomes incapacitated.

3. If this is the case, then an Enduring Power of Attorney (EPOA) must be provided, accompanied by a letter from the owner's doctor (or duly authorised person), stating that the property owner is currently incapacitated.

4. The EPOA must also cover Financial Authority. Please note: The EPOA's can be put in place upon signing or only when the person becomes incapacitated. 

5. POA's and EPOA's cease if the person has passed away. In such cases, please refer to our information on Deceased Estates

6. All legal documents:

  • must be copies of the original, or certified copies of the original
  • must be signed and dated 
  • must include all pages

If you require any further assistance please call our Customer Service team in Maroochydore on 1300 086 489.

My Account access

If your property has multiple owners listed on the bill or multiple fully-authorised people on the account, each owner/authorised person can register for My Account. To do this, the person must have a copy of the bill (or the required details from it) and their own unique email address (username) and password, or register through a unique Facebook or Google account.

Please note: My Account information is visible to all owners of your property and fully authorised persons on your account. This includes personal information such as bill delivery method, including postal address and phone number. A red alert box will appear on relevant pages in My Account to indicate where this occurs.  


Authorisation FAQs

If you are a landlord with an investment property and you want to authorise a real estate agent to make enquiries on your water and sewerage account, please complete the form below. 

Add an authorised person (online form)

To nominate an authorised person on a Body Corporate account please complete the Authority form below along with the Body Corporate Committee minutes indicating committee member roles or agreement for authority to be applied to a particular person, or a letter on the Body Corporate letterhead nominating the authorised person.  Once this is processed we can discuss the Body Corporate account and common area issues with the authorised person (but not matters relating to individual units as this is the unit owners private information). 

If the Body Corporate is managed by a management company then please complete the form below along with a copy of the Management Contract, Body Corporate Committee Minutes engaging that company, or a letter on the Body Corporate letterhead stating this.  Once the Management Company is authorised we can discuss the Body Corporate account and common area issues with employees from that company.  If the Management Company changes then a new form will need to be submitted along with either the Management Contract, Committee Minutes, or Letter on the Body Corporate letterhead.  

Add an authorised person (online form)

Please note: if individual unit owners contact Unitywater regarding common area issues (such as leaks), they will be advised to deal with the Body Corporate directly. 

As all units share the cost of the Body Corporate consumption, each unit owner can obtain Full Authority on the Body Corporate account.  If you are one of the unit owners you can apply for authority on the account by completing the Residential Authority form below.

Add an authorised person (online form)

The form below must be completed by the Director, Secretary or Trustee of the SMSF or Trust, along with a copy of any documentation linking that person to the SMSF. 

Add an authorised person (online form)

If the owner is deceased, certified copies of the Will and Death Certificate must be provided. The Executive of the Will will be authorised on the account, if you are not the Executive you will need a letter from the Executive nominating you as an authorised person. 

Find out more about deceased estates.

If you are Power of Attorney or Enduring Power of Attorney please refer to the section above 'On behalf of the property owner' for further information. 

You will be required to complete the online form and attach a certified copy of either the Power of Attorney or Enduring Power of Attorney documentation.