The table below shows how many litres of water you can use doing your normal day-to-day activities. 

The Unitywater regional average for daily water usage, across Moreton Bay, Sunshine Coast and Noosa, is 165 litres per person per day*. The graph on the front page of your bill lets you compare your daily water usage to the regional average. 

* Figure as at February 2024

Water usage table – figures are a guide only

Device Activity Usage per minute Usage per day 
Shower Old showerhead 25 litres  
  Efficient showerhead  6-9 litres  
Toilet Single flush   12 litres per flush
  Dual half flush    3 litres per flush
  Dual full flush    6 litres per flush
Bath Half full   80 litres per bath
  Full    140 litres per bath
Bathroom Running tap 5 litres  
  Filling a hand basin   5 litres per fill
Kitchen Dishwasher   18 litres per wash
  Garbage disposal   10 litres
Laundry Front loader   60 litres per wash
  Top loader   150 litres per wash
Garden Sprinkler 16 litres  
  Water efficient sprinkler 9 litres  
  Hose  15-25 litres 21,600 - 36,000 litres per day
 Pool Average size swimming pool  20,000-40,000 litres  
  Pool evaporation    200 litres per day
Leaks Dripping tap   30-150 litres per day
  Leaking/running toilet Up to 9 litres Up to 12,000 litres