If you’re experiencing toilet or sewerage overflow on your property, call a licensed plumber immediately.


Check your ORG

An ORG is an Overflow Relief Gully. The ORG looks like a grate at ground level is found outside your home, within your boundary.

It is a critical part of your property’s plumbing because it is designed to prevent your house flooding with sewage.

In the event of a sewer blockage, the cover of the ORG should either pop off or pop upwards to release excess pressure and direct sewage away from your home.

If there is heavy rain and sewage is starting to overflow inside your house, then please check your Overflow Relief Gully to make sure that the grate is loose and not blocked.

To find out how to keep your ORG healthy see our handy checklist below.

Watch the video to find out more:

  • Check your downpipe connections and ORG - ensure they are in good condition and make sure that stormwater is able to run off away from your property without being channelled into the sewer.
  • Make sure the ORG is correctly installed - ensure the area surrounding your ORG is sloped away from the house. This directs sewage flowing from the ORG away from your home and helps prevent stormwater from entering it ensuring the ORG is raised above ground level to prevent water entering.
  • Check the height of your ORG
    • When the ORG is surrounded by grass it must be 75mm above ground level.
    • If the ORG is raised too high it may be above floor level and, in the event of a blockage, sewage in the sanitary drains may back up and overflow out of floor wastes inside the house.
    • If the ORG cannot be raised to its correct height, an inflow prevention device may need to be fitted to it.
  • Prevent stormwater entering the sewerage system on your property by:
    • never covering or obstructing sewer maintenance holes or ORGs
    • never planting trees over or around sewer lines
    • never connecting stormwater downpipes to your property’s ORG or sewer pipes
    • ensuring your property’s stormwater downpipes drain roof water a minimum of one metre away from your house
    • ensuring any broken water pipes on your property are repaired immediately
    • ensuring your home’s internal drainage pipes are in good condition.

Download: Keeping stormwater out of the sewerage network brochure (PDF 591KB)

Watch the video to find out more:

If we find an illegal or inappropriate stormwater-to-sewer connection on your property’s drainage system, you will be issued with a notice to call a licensed plumber/drainer to correct the defect within 28 days.