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Excavator diggingContact Dial Before You Dig (DBYD) to order a plan before you start any digging.

  • Lodging a standard DBYD enquiry is free
  • Dial Before You Dig aims to prevent damage and disruption to essential underground services.
  • It is not a Unitywater service, but DBYD plans will display Unitywater infrastructure.
  • You can request a DBYD plan for private property as well as for public land, including parks and sections of road.
  • Note: DBYD plans do not show assets belonging to the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads or Queensland Rail.

What the plan will show you

The DBYD plan will locate underground utilities (pipes, cables) on your property. It provides information about the presence of underground infrastructure only; it does not pinpoint the exact location. You should use these plans as a guide only.


Contact Dial Before You Dig

Lodge a request online, via the iPhone app or over the phone by calling 1100
Your plan will be issued within 1 or 2 working days.

Dial Before You Dig

If the Dial Before You Dig plan shows Unitywater infrastructure on your property (water mains, sewer mains, manholes), you will need to request a Detailed Infrastructure Plan for more detailed information about the location of our infrastructure. 

Alternatively, if you have not ordered a Dial Before You Dig plan, you can come straight to us to order a Detailed Infrastructure Plan (DIP).

Before requesting and paying for a DIP

Make sure we have your property captured in our records. Enter the address into this easy-to-use mapping tool. (Please be patient while the location loads.) This map search is important. It will tell you whether or not your plan request will be successful. We do not process refunds for unsuccessful searches.

  • If you find your property on the map and you can see blue and orange lines running near the property (example below), indicating Unitywater infrastructure, you can order a DIP.

 Map showing Unitywater infrastructure

  • If you find your property on the map, however you cannot see any blue or orange lines running near the property (example below), do not order a DIP. This indicates there is no Unitywater infrastructure on or near your property. 

Map showing no Unitywater infrastructure

  • If you cannot find your property on the map, do not order a DIP. This indicates Unitywater has not received the necessary information to update our records. This can happen in the case of new developments or housing estates. Please contact the property developer to discuss.

What the plan will show you

A Detailed Infrastructure Plan will show the precise locations of water main, sewer mains and manholes.
Specifically, it will show the following asset information:

  • manhole surface levels
  • gravity pipe invert levels      
  • gravity pipe size, length and material    
  • water pipe sizes/material. 


Current Detailed Infrastructure Plan pricing (click on GIS mapping services). 

Good to know

  1. Refunds are not available for search requests that return no results. Before requesting and paying for a Detailed Infrastructure Plan (DIP), we urge customers to search for the address in the online mapping tool to make sure the property is captured in our records. If it is located through this search, and Unitywater infrastructure is showing on or near the property, a DIP request will be successful. 
  2. A Detailed Infrastructure Plan is not guaranteed to display your house connection point. This will be provided where available. If it is not available, please check with your local council for your internal house drainage plans.
  3. The plan will not show you the depth of pipe or the actual measurement of the distance to the boundary, however the map is to scale and can be measured.

How to calculate average depth

  • Upstream Manhole Surface Level (SL) minus Upstream Invert Level (USIL) of main = depth measurement 1
  • Downstream Manhole Surface Level (SL) minus Downstream Invert Level (DSIL) of main = depth measurement 2
  • Add the two depth results together and divide by two for average depth.

Can't find Unitywater infrastructure?

If you have ordered a Dial Before You Dig plan, a Detailed Infrastructure Plan and drainage plans from council but you're still in doubt over the location of water and sewer infrastructure, you can arrange to have the pipes mapped with CCTV at your cost.

You can also request an on-site visit from Unitywater (only after you have received a DBYD plan, a DIP and drainage plans from council). These visits occur within 4 - 12 weeks. Call us on 1300 086 489 to arrange a visit, and please have your DIP sequence number ready to quote.  

Request a Detailed Infrastructure Plan

You can request a plan online at My Account

under the My Requests tab.

Or complete the Detailed Infrastructure Plan Request Form (F8530)

Your plan will be issued in 5 working days. 

No My Account login or Unitywater account?

Please call us on 1300 086 489 to request a Sundry Account. You'll then have My Account access so you can order a DIP online.

Request a plan online

If your plans now show that you will be building over or near Unitywater’s water and sewerage infrastructure or a Unitywater easement, it is likely that you will need approval before construction starts.

Find out more about how to apply to build over Unitywater pipes and easements.


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